I've created a blog!

Well - that was really easy! This is going to be the place the check each week for updates and new pictures of Ophelia.

So - here's the first update: Yesterday was her 6 month birthday. We went to Books and Babies at the public library in the morning, got a flat tire fixed on my car, and had tacos for lunch. Later in the afternoon, her big Christmas present from Tom and Sue arrived: it's her big girl high chair!!

She really seems to like the chair so far! We fed her some rice cereal around dinner time - she ate about an ounce (at least I think that's about how much actually made it in her all told). Feeding cereal is an extremely messy experience!!


Last Friday, the Christmas present that Jim and I got for Ophelia finally arrived! After anxiously tracking the package online and checking out the window for the UPS guy all day long, the ExerSaucer showed up right at 5 pm. I was able to get it assembled that same night. Ophelia has been showing us how much she likes to stand up - as well as how interested she is in new toys and activities - so this is perfect for her. The seat spins around so she can reach all the toys, the base can rock if we let it, and she can bounce in it when she figures out how to do that!


Viv said...

These pix are just too cute! I think Miss Ophelia needs some more bling on her exersaucer. Thank you for sharing your angel with us. Viv

Heidi Maxwell said...

Hi Viv!! I'm glad you are enjoying her! We certainly are! - Heidi

Grandma said...

Ophelia , it looks like you are ready to relax and watch some football with your Mom and Dad. I keep telling your Mom how beautiful you are - you sure have grown since I last held you. Keep eating those fruits and veggies so that you keep growing healthy and strong.


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