O is for Ophelia

This is great lounge wear, even if I do look like a boy! I wear it for pajamas or just hanging around. My dad's friend Hannah gave it to me when I was just born and I can finally wear it!

We went to Books and Babies at the Public Library again yesterday. There were about 40 babies there and it was so crazy! We go every Tuesday and Thursday, but mommy thinks we should start going in the afternoon when there are less people and it's not so crazy!

A friend of mine who is 10 months old is looking for some new child care. His mom called my mom last night and asked if my mom might be interested in taking care of him a few days a week. We are going over there the first week in February to try it out. Hopefully it turns out to be a good thing for me and mommy!! Keep your fingers crossed everyone!!

Oh - and mommy added more pictures to the 6 Month photo album today too.



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