On to a bit of Ophelia news!

First - if this isn't sitting, I don't know what is! She has been sitting with assistance for a while now. All it would take would be a hand on her hip or holding her hand and she could sit until she decided she was bored and wanted to eat again. Otherwise, it was 20-30 seconds on her own and then flop!! Well, Thursday at the Public Library, we had our sitting breakthrough. She sat, unassisted, throughout the whole Books and Babies play session. We've been sitting on the floor and playing at the Baby Einstein baby 'gym' ever since!

Secondly - and I don't have a good photo of it yet - we gave Ophelia a cup this week. It's a Playtex starter cup - non-spill type thing with two handles. It's purple with a yellow and purple lid. She caught on to it immediately. The first night she put it right up to her mouth, holding both handles just like you are supposed to. She just chewed on it, but she had the motion and the holding part down pat right away. The second day I filled it about half way with water and she actually drank about half of the water throughout the day. Incredible. I will work on getting a good picture of her with her new cup.

Thirdly - eating like a big girl is going well so far. She eats either Oatmeal or Rice Cereal every night with a little fruit or vegetable along with it. The carrots aren't going over as well as I hoped, but she likes them OK if I mix them with her cereal. The pears and apples were both a bit tart for her taste, but she ate those pretty well. I thought the peas would never go in, as I thought they tasted horrid, but she ate those up too! Bananas and Sweet Taters are the big hits so far. Next week we are going to try adding a morning meal to the already established evening meal.

In Mommy news - I am going to start babysitting for a friend of ours on Monday. They have decided to pull their 10 month old son Soren out of day care and I will be providing the child care for them on a part time basis. We will be going to their house for two full days and two half days each week.

Tomorrow we are going to a Super Bowl party at a friend's house. I'm bringing a few dips that I'm going to make this afternoon. And brownies. Mmmm brownies!!

Oh - and I had to go to the dentist yesterday to get a tooth fixed. It really feels a lot better now!



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