Happy Easter!

It's Easter Sunday and what a beautiful day it is. It's sunny outside and almost 40 degrees, with promises for up to 50 degrees later in the day. Ophelia is currently napping on my lap as I type, but this morning we had fun dressing up for Easter and checking out the Easter Basket. Grandma sent us a 'Baby's First Easter' style Longaberger basket that is just so darling. I went out and after much head scratching as to what to put in an Easter basket for an 8 month old, decided to fill it with Stage 2 Fruits and Fruit Juices and some Teething Biscuits and a tooth brush. For the Easter outfit - Ophelia is sporting a vintage cotton dress and bloomers with a handknit sweater and hat courtesy of Grandma. Isn't she beautiful???

Check out the Month 8 Photo Album for more pictures of the wee one.

What else??? We just finished up our first 'real sicky baby' episode. Last Saturday she had a little cough in the evening that I didn't think much of. By the middle of the night I thought we might have to take her to the hospital before the morning arrived. Big coughing, big snot, fever, discomfort, etc. We muddled through Sunday with Tylenol, humidifier, and lots of mommy time and we called the doctor first thing on Monday. They definitely wanted to see her, and it's a good thing I called because not only did she have a nasty virus, but she also had a right bugger of an ear infection as well. Off to the pharmacy for her very first antibiotic - Amoxycillin. The dreaded pink stuff - 2ml twice a day. We are currently on Day 6 of the pink stuff - which Ophelia decidedly hates having administered, even in such a small dose. Thankfully, she IS feeling much better. Friday evening we finally started to see some color in her little cheeks again and she decided to eat again as well. The last few nights have seen a bit better sleep as it's clear that her little ear is not hurting as much as it was.

Hand clapping: last night as we sat on the couch right before bed, mommy decided that a round of patty cake was in order. While Miss O did not make any noise, she definitely had her very first unassisted claps. Clap Clap!

Crawling: No real progress here. Every time we put her on her belly she just rolls over onto her back and laughs. Personally, I don't really think she's big enough for this activity yet. When I put her up on her hands and knees, her little belly barely clears the floor. Aaaah Wee One!!

Standing: Miss O has enjoyed standing on my lap and with my assistance on the changing table or countertop for some time now. Well, last weekend she managed to pull herself up onto her knees in her crib. So dad and I lowered the crib mattress. Now, with mommy's help she can stand in her crib while holding on to the rail.

Ophelia in the Emerald City

Just a quick update!

We just returned from our big Spring Break Road Trip to Seattle. It was Ophelia's first really big trip - and she did very well considering she's just a wee one who doesn't understand that it's the LAW to be restrained in a rear facing car seat whenever the car is moving. With baby stops and gas stops and such, the trip is about 11 hours one way in good weather. We left Friday just after lunch and got to Seattle around midnight. While there, we had great food and lots of fun with our friends Charley and Meghan. We hit the Capitol Hill neighborhood pretty hard, played Guitar Hero, went to the Taco Truck, toured the Olympic Sculpture Garden, went out for dinner and drinks while Ophelia had a baby sitter, I got a new hat, and Jim got a tattoo of Ophelia's initials. We left yesterday after lunch in West Seattle and ended up braving two snow storms and one baby storm on the way home. We got in late last night and slept very late this morning. We are using the rest of Spring Break to just chill out and do a whole lot of nothing.

Here's a good Seattle shot of us...and there's much more in the Seattle Trip Photo Album. The link is to the right.

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

Mom sent us some of the cutest heart covered clothes for Miss O. Here she is on Valentine's Day playing on the rubber alphabet mat at Soren's. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

Cups and Teething and Rolling Over, Oh MY!!

Miss Ophelia is definitely making progress in all aspects of her development. She is currently actively teething - I can actually feel the sharp edge of a tooth on her gum (it's the bottom right one) and the other one looks ready to pop any day now as well. She has done very well with the teething and we only had about 4 days of the screaming teething mimi. And only about once a day at that. Don't get me wrong - the screaming episodes were a big deal - but we haven't been up all night or screaming all day by any means. If what I hear about the first set of teeth being the worst - we are darn lucky!!

Ophelia is still doing a pretty good job with eating like a big girl as well. We try to have at least 2 meal attempts every day. We try fruit or vegetable around lunch time and cereal with fruit or vegetable at dinner time. She still loves her high chair and will usually take about a dozen good bites at each sitting. While she is doing well, she is definitely not eating any real volume of food at this point. On a really good day she may eat 1-2 tablespoons of cereal and maybe a tablespoon of fruit or vege - maybe. Sometimes I think eating off a spoon is just plain tiring!!

We bought Miss Ophelia a new cup last week as well, so now she has the purple one and a new NUK one that's red and has a soft spout (like a bottle nipple shaped like a sippy cup). She really likes her cups! We have only been putting water in it - and she drinks about 1/2 to 1 ounce a day. As you can see, she has definitely gotten the hang of drinking out of the cup all on her own. She also likes to drink water out of mommy's big cup of ice water. I hold it up for her and she dips her lips in the water and then makes a funny face and most of the water ends up on mommy as she raspberries it all back out again. It's a real hoot!

Ophelia is getting very good at sitting as well. She rarely falls over anymore and is very good at reaching out to the front and sides while sitting in order to grab things that she wants to hold and then put in her mouth, which includes everything from toys to cups to paper to mommy's hair. While she has rolled over before, she is pretty 'anti-tummy' and she hasn't been doing it with any regularity up until this week. I've been trying to get her on her tummy more and more (despite the unhappy screeching) and she has been rolling from her tummy to her back every day this past week. In fact, she did it three times while I was talking to mom on the phone this morning!! Next step - crawling or scooting or something along those lines! (Sometime in the next two months, according to 'the books').

The last big development we've had just in the past week is that I've been able to get her to take a nap without me having to lay next to her on the bed or hold her in my lap. She took 4 big girl naps this past week and that is HUGE!! She sleeps really well at night - although she IS sleeping in our big bed still. As the weather warms up, we are going to transition her back to her own bed again. We think the main reason she started really liking sleeping with us initially was that she was getting cold at night all alone in her crib. It may be wishful thinking, but that's the plan!

Baby Sitting

I just completed my 4th week of baby sitting. I think it is going really well so far and it is definitely good for everyone involved. Soren, who is 11 months now - he will be 1 on April 2nd, is a much happier baby now that he isn't going to day care. He is eating and sleeping and taking a bottle again - which his mom is so pleased with. I am getting an opportunity to get out of the house and make some money of my own again, which is always nice. And Ophelia is getting some good 'other baby' exposure' with Soren and occasionally his big sister Hayden, who just turned 3 this month. You can see a picture of Hayden on Valentine's Day in the Month 7 album.

You can see from the photo above how much bigger he is than Miss Ophelia. He is an expert crawler and climber at this point. The stairs are no problem - and he is even starting to learn how to come back down backwards. We do keep the gate up, however, as he likes to climb unsupervised most of all! Soren is also an accomplished cruiser - he can pull himself up on anything sturdy enough to support his weight and walk along it (or behind it, in the case of his miniature mail cart). In the past few weeks he has been able to stand without holding anything and can take one or two steps without falling down. His other big pastime is taking toys away from Miss Ophelia - which she is getting used to. She definitely is trying to defend herself - but not to any great degree at this point. Other things he loves - banging things together, banging toys on other toys, shelves, babies, etc., knocking things over (Ophelia included), emptying things out, and creating general chaos wherever he goes.

As for us ALL getting out of the house - last week it was very warm in Bozeman and we were able to get out and take several walks. Soren has a double wide Chariot stroller that they both sit in and we go for walks that way. Next week we are going to attempt going to Books and Babies at the public library. I've been hesitant to try taking them both up to this point, but I think we can handle it. The big thing is that Books and Babies is at the same time that Soren usually takes a nap - so we may be in store for a meltdown. But we are going to try anyway!

My Apologies...

I am humbly apologizing for not posting to this blog in a whole month (well, a leap month anyway). Things have been busy, especially in the last few weeks. Between debate tournaments and baby sitting and ski patrol and trying to keep up with my household and my crazy dog and a rapidly developing baby girl, I've let the blog slide.


I haven't been completely idle in the last month, however. There are about 50 new photos in a photo album for Month 7. The link is to the right - so go check out Miss FiFi Claire in all of her 7th month glory!

Oh - and for all of you who have never seen or met our big crazy dog, Otto - here are a few photos for you. He is a long coated German Shepherd. He's about 5 1/2 now and he is really big - about 110 pounds. The first one is in our back yard this past summer - you can see where the new deck will be (those posts will support the front) and you can kind of see the garden and herb boxes along the fence in the back ground. The second one shows you the new bamboo flooring that we put in last summer when mom and dad came to visit. Otto slides all over the place on it.


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