Baby Sitting

I just completed my 4th week of baby sitting. I think it is going really well so far and it is definitely good for everyone involved. Soren, who is 11 months now - he will be 1 on April 2nd, is a much happier baby now that he isn't going to day care. He is eating and sleeping and taking a bottle again - which his mom is so pleased with. I am getting an opportunity to get out of the house and make some money of my own again, which is always nice. And Ophelia is getting some good 'other baby' exposure' with Soren and occasionally his big sister Hayden, who just turned 3 this month. You can see a picture of Hayden on Valentine's Day in the Month 7 album.

You can see from the photo above how much bigger he is than Miss Ophelia. He is an expert crawler and climber at this point. The stairs are no problem - and he is even starting to learn how to come back down backwards. We do keep the gate up, however, as he likes to climb unsupervised most of all! Soren is also an accomplished cruiser - he can pull himself up on anything sturdy enough to support his weight and walk along it (or behind it, in the case of his miniature mail cart). In the past few weeks he has been able to stand without holding anything and can take one or two steps without falling down. His other big pastime is taking toys away from Miss Ophelia - which she is getting used to. She definitely is trying to defend herself - but not to any great degree at this point. Other things he loves - banging things together, banging toys on other toys, shelves, babies, etc., knocking things over (Ophelia included), emptying things out, and creating general chaos wherever he goes.

As for us ALL getting out of the house - last week it was very warm in Bozeman and we were able to get out and take several walks. Soren has a double wide Chariot stroller that they both sit in and we go for walks that way. Next week we are going to attempt going to Books and Babies at the public library. I've been hesitant to try taking them both up to this point, but I think we can handle it. The big thing is that Books and Babies is at the same time that Soren usually takes a nap - so we may be in store for a meltdown. But we are going to try anyway!



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