Happy Easter!

It's Easter Sunday and what a beautiful day it is. It's sunny outside and almost 40 degrees, with promises for up to 50 degrees later in the day. Ophelia is currently napping on my lap as I type, but this morning we had fun dressing up for Easter and checking out the Easter Basket. Grandma sent us a 'Baby's First Easter' style Longaberger basket that is just so darling. I went out and after much head scratching as to what to put in an Easter basket for an 8 month old, decided to fill it with Stage 2 Fruits and Fruit Juices and some Teething Biscuits and a tooth brush. For the Easter outfit - Ophelia is sporting a vintage cotton dress and bloomers with a handknit sweater and hat courtesy of Grandma. Isn't she beautiful???

Check out the Month 8 Photo Album for more pictures of the wee one.

What else??? We just finished up our first 'real sicky baby' episode. Last Saturday she had a little cough in the evening that I didn't think much of. By the middle of the night I thought we might have to take her to the hospital before the morning arrived. Big coughing, big snot, fever, discomfort, etc. We muddled through Sunday with Tylenol, humidifier, and lots of mommy time and we called the doctor first thing on Monday. They definitely wanted to see her, and it's a good thing I called because not only did she have a nasty virus, but she also had a right bugger of an ear infection as well. Off to the pharmacy for her very first antibiotic - Amoxycillin. The dreaded pink stuff - 2ml twice a day. We are currently on Day 6 of the pink stuff - which Ophelia decidedly hates having administered, even in such a small dose. Thankfully, she IS feeling much better. Friday evening we finally started to see some color in her little cheeks again and she decided to eat again as well. The last few nights have seen a bit better sleep as it's clear that her little ear is not hurting as much as it was.

Hand clapping: last night as we sat on the couch right before bed, mommy decided that a round of patty cake was in order. While Miss O did not make any noise, she definitely had her very first unassisted claps. Clap Clap!

Crawling: No real progress here. Every time we put her on her belly she just rolls over onto her back and laughs. Personally, I don't really think she's big enough for this activity yet. When I put her up on her hands and knees, her little belly barely clears the floor. Aaaah Wee One!!

Standing: Miss O has enjoyed standing on my lap and with my assistance on the changing table or countertop for some time now. Well, last weekend she managed to pull herself up onto her knees in her crib. So dad and I lowered the crib mattress. Now, with mommy's help she can stand in her crib while holding on to the rail.


Charles said...

Thanks for the Easter Bunny update. Grandma's hat and sweater are sooo cute! Ophelia has so many monikers; my favorite is fifi. I know Jim likes that song, handclapping. Have y'all played it for her yet?


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