My Apologies...

I am humbly apologizing for not posting to this blog in a whole month (well, a leap month anyway). Things have been busy, especially in the last few weeks. Between debate tournaments and baby sitting and ski patrol and trying to keep up with my household and my crazy dog and a rapidly developing baby girl, I've let the blog slide.


I haven't been completely idle in the last month, however. There are about 50 new photos in a photo album for Month 7. The link is to the right - so go check out Miss FiFi Claire in all of her 7th month glory!

Oh - and for all of you who have never seen or met our big crazy dog, Otto - here are a few photos for you. He is a long coated German Shepherd. He's about 5 1/2 now and he is really big - about 110 pounds. The first one is in our back yard this past summer - you can see where the new deck will be (those posts will support the front) and you can kind of see the garden and herb boxes along the fence in the back ground. The second one shows you the new bamboo flooring that we put in last summer when mom and dad came to visit. Otto slides all over the place on it.



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