Ophelia in the Emerald City

Just a quick update!

We just returned from our big Spring Break Road Trip to Seattle. It was Ophelia's first really big trip - and she did very well considering she's just a wee one who doesn't understand that it's the LAW to be restrained in a rear facing car seat whenever the car is moving. With baby stops and gas stops and such, the trip is about 11 hours one way in good weather. We left Friday just after lunch and got to Seattle around midnight. While there, we had great food and lots of fun with our friends Charley and Meghan. We hit the Capitol Hill neighborhood pretty hard, played Guitar Hero, went to the Taco Truck, toured the Olympic Sculpture Garden, went out for dinner and drinks while Ophelia had a baby sitter, I got a new hat, and Jim got a tattoo of Ophelia's initials. We left yesterday after lunch in West Seattle and ended up braving two snow storms and one baby storm on the way home. We got in late last night and slept very late this morning. We are using the rest of Spring Break to just chill out and do a whole lot of nothing.

Here's a good Seattle shot of us...and there's much more in the Seattle Trip Photo Album. The link is to the right.


Charles said...

hey there maxwells! great pics of ophelia; she has the eyes of both of you. we had a great time with y'all in seattle. charley and meghan


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