MaMa and BaBa and MaBa and One Measly Da

The very day of her 9 month Birthday, Ophelia decided to string sounds together! And our first word is....


....of course! Days 2 and 3 were all mamamamama and on day four we added babababa and somewhere in there we had one da, but no repeats of that one so far!

Our little wee one is definitely growing up. In addition to all the babbling, we hav
e really been doing a lot of standing up (she holds my hands and stands on her own - so she can pull herself up) and taking a few wobbly steps while holding on to mommy. It's so darn cute - we are in the process of trying to capture it to video. Which we will post here, of course, if we ever accomplish that. Here she is this morning in her crib: standing AND talking!

Hmmm - what else? Miss O is finally completely over all of the sicky bugs that have been plaguing us lately - and just in time for her 9 month Well Baby Check up tomorrow afternoon. We will update with details this week sometime.

A side result of being sicko is that Ophelia is now on the Yogurt Train. I decided to give here a bit of my yogurt while she was on her antibiotics to help keep some good bacteria in her system - and wouldn't you know that she loves the stuff! After experimenting with several varieties, including YoBaby! (which she seems to be
allergic to for some reason), we are using Brown Cow Cream Top Plain Yogurt. She is eating this 2-3 times a day along with either a fruit or vegetable. Tried mixing some cereal in it last night, but there's no fooling Ophelia! Splat!

Baby sitting is going well. Still doing 4 days a week, Monday through Thursday. Usually 2 half days and 2 full days. Sometimes 3 full days. Soren seems to be bigger every week. He just turned One Year on April 2nd and he clocks in at 23 pounds and 30 inches long. Much bigger than Miss O for sure! A new toy at Soren's in the past few weeks has been the Rocking Eggplant. Both kiddos love it so I will have to bring my camera and get pictures of them riding this thing. In the mean time, here she is at Soren's in her princess velvets that my mom sent for her!

Spring is here, I think. At least for a few days anyway. 45 on Friday, 55 yesterday, and 65 today and tomorrow. With snow again on Tuesday. Gotta love Montana Spring. Yesterday we went for a walk with the baby in the jogging stroller AND the dog on a leash. Big adventure. My arm is still sore from that. Taxes pre-empted our walk today, but they are done and filed and we are getting a tax return and a stimulus package from the gubmint when they decide to send those out.

And lastly - we have new neighbors. Our neighbor of 4 years decided to move to Florida a few months ago and she just sold the townhouse next to us in the past week or two. I met them this morning - a young couple with 2 Subarus and 2 Dogs and Kerry/Edwards stickers on their car. Sarah and James I think. Hope they are as nice as they seem to be at first meeting.

Check out the Month 9 Photos. There are a few in there. As a parting gift I show you Ophelia on her 9 Month Birthday wearing the sweater I made her while I was pregnant. Yes, that is seed stitch, thank you very much! This is supposed to be sized for 18 months, and while the body and arms are amply sized for that, the head hole is barely big enough to squeeze her big noggin through. Now I see why Miss Vivian makes cardigans for the wee ones.


charley said...

Thanks for the update! She looks so animated and more cute each and everytime I see new pictures of her.


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