Take THAT Grandma Wars!!

There's Rockin' Eggplant, Silly Hat, Sun Hats, Sleeping with Dad, The Big Reach, Purple Cow Slippers, and Freshly Bathed - all waiting for you in the Month 9 Album. The last few are actually of Month 10, but I'm not up to making a new album today!

Staying quite busy getting our house ready to show. We have it listed with an agent and we've found a new home that we'd like to buy. Keep your fingers crossed that we sell fast and high and that I don't go insane in the process! Off to the hardware store to buy paint and junk!


charley said...

great floppy pics of dad and baby. nice cookware, btw.

Viv said...

Ophelia is growing up! Grandma Schultes cannot deny this one-spitting image. Thanx for sharing; we all needed a Fifi fix.

Alexis said...

Love the hair, such a sweet and fair little one! She reminds me of a little pixie....I think some fairy wings are in order.


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