Well, now it's mostly DA!

Well, it figures that her most frequent word is now DA. I'm not convinced, however, that it always means dad. I have a feeling that we are looking at one word for all things that start with the letter D - like dog and done and hello. (yes, laugh here). In the last month she has teased us with actions that look like she may crawl, but it just hasn't happened yet. She can scoot herself around though and is getting quite adept at pulling herself up on stuff and cruising about. No standing unassisted yet, but she is a wee wee one, so give her time! She has also started to eat real pieces of food at every meal - cut up fruit, cheese, cereal bits, pancake pieces, you name it. She must have bits to eat or she throws a huge fit! It is fitting however, seeing as she cut ALL FOUR of her top teeth last week. All of them at once. That must have been torture on top of her ear infection and virus to go along with it. But we are all better now and we will keep encouraging her to try and go somewhere when she gets on those hands and knees.

I don't have any new pictures to post at this time because my memory card is full and I just haven't gotten out to buy a new one. We are, however, going to Staples tomorrow to exchange a three-hole punch for a better one, so we will get a new card and take at least 50 photos of Miss Wee for her 10 month album. In the meantime, here is a photo from way back when she was super wee...

So what's been happening, you ask? Well, TONS, in fact. I've been so busy in the past month and a half that I could just fall over and sleep for about a year. Jim and I have taken advantage of this lull in the housing boom to get ourselves into a single family home! Yes, in fact it's true! I had found a house for sale on one of my spring walks in the neighborhood where I babysit during the week. It is an older neighborhood, built in the 70s and all of the houses are pretty large and have large yards. I thought this house was super cool, but when I finally got around to calling my real estate agent to see if we could have a look, the darn place was under contract. Turns out it was also a wee bit too expensive for our budget and wasn't as nice in person as it was on the internet. But it started me on the road to house hunting. I went to the mortgage broker and found out what we could qualify for, figured out what houses like the one we currently live in were selling for and had my agent send me a list of homes in our budget range. Turns out there were quite a few!! Last year at this time, all of the same type and size homes were selling for about $100k more than they are now. Thank you down turn in the economy. As soon as we close at the end of June, the economy is welcome to make a come back so we can once again afford groceries.

So, right off the bat, I found the perfect house. And it WAS perfect. And, as it happens, under contract by the time we made an offer. And they didn't even want our offer as a back up, seeing as the offer they already had was pretty rock solid. So - a few days of weeping and about 10 houses later we found another one. BAM - sold right out from under us. I was about to give up hunting altogether when I decided to go back and look at one house that I had initially thought was "cool, but not on the right street." Turns out the street is pretty mellow - and the house is brand new and gorgeous. And it has a huge, huge, HUGE back yard. So we made our offer. And they didn't sign it. They said come back when you've sold your own home. If you have a solid contract, we can do a new offer with you if we haven't sold it yet. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? So we list with my agent, clean and paint and repair and clean and project and paint and clean and waterseal and pack and rearrange and clean.....whew! and three showings later, we have an offer. We counteroffer. They accept and we have sold the townhouse!!!! So we quickly submitted a new offer on the new house, they countered, we accepted, and we are buying a new house!!!! We have pre-approval on our home loan, they have pre-qualification for their financing, so barring anything like "we changed our mind" type things, we are doing a simultaneous closing on June 27th.

Link to Listing

They are going to finish painting the front, fill and grade the lot, install a sprinkler system front and back, and plant one of the three required trees before we close. I am very, very excited! When mom and dad come out to visit this summer, they will have to get new directions because we will be in a new house!!

Cheers for now. And pray for good weather so we can finish our yardwork tomorrow!!


charley said...

wow! i can't wait to see your new place!

Alexis said...

Congrats on the house! Good luck with your move and best wishes in your new home.

Heidi Maxwell said...

Thanks you guys! I just got the call that we are all approved!! Thank you to the underwriters that be! Closing in one week and so darn excited. I drove by this morning and they finished the paint on the front, have installed underground sprinklers, graded the lot, and are building out the front step as we requested. We are still packing and stacking on our end. Can't wait to get this move over and done with. Loves, Heidi

charley said...

and i did!


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