Big Girl Bath Tub

Another brag to share...Ophelia is now taking baths in the big girl tub. Mommy just had to go and make her new bathroom all "fun little girl", so there are duckies everywhere in there now.

Jim and I are slowing down on the moving in process. We are both just pooped out at this point. There is not too much left to do at this point - a bit of unpacking and arranging in Ophelia's room and some unpacking of master closet stuff. And then we can tackle the garage. It is mostly empty boxes that need to go in the crawl space. Then we can organize what's left that stays in the garage. We'll definitely be done by Friday when I expect my parents to arrive from New York. They left on Saturday morning and are road tripping their way across the country to visit for a week. Can't wait to see them!

Ophelia's birthday is tomorrow! I can't believe it's been a year already. A year ago today I was in hospital on my 8th day of pre-term labor. Tomorrow we go to get weighed and measured and our well baby check up is in a couple of weeks. We are having a birthday BBQ for her on Saturday the 12th in the afternoon. My parents will be here, of course, and Jim's sister is coming up from Jackson Hole with her husband. And we are having a bunch of our friends over as well. Our friend Charley will be in Montana that week as well and he may be able to come over for a while too. Should be a fun afternoon.

I posted a few more photo albums today: go check out Month 10 and Month 11 links. Going to work on an album of house pictures so you can see our new pad too! Here is a shot of Miss O 'helping' her daddy unpack th CDs.


Alexis said...

Congrats on the new house, the mobile baby and, perhaps most importantly, the sleeping! She is looking like such a big girl!


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