Wireless Baby!!

Interpret that how you wish...not only have I upgraded to a wireless internet connection in my home (it's SO sweet!!), but the baby is now wireless as well. Fully crawling, scooting, and cruising on all surfaces, she has gone solo and is becoming more and more independent. The biggest independent move of the week has been...wait for it....wait for it....yes, she is sleeping in her own crib. Yes sleeping. No more meditating at naps. And no more sleeping in mommy and daddy's bed at night. First night in the crib she slept until about 3 am when mommy freaked out and ran to check on her, thus waking her up prematurely. Second night I was much quieter when I freaked out, and she slept THE WHOLE NIGHT!!! 7 pm to 6:30 am. Third night she slept from 7:30 pm to 6:30 am. Looks like we have finally done it! We mastered the sleep demons and now I may just stay sane for a while longer.

We also have moving news. WE MOVED!!!

Friday morning, June 27th, 2008, I went to the Title Company and signed the closing documents for both buying our new home and selling the old. At 4 pm that same day I got the keys to the new house and brought over the first load of stuff: New blinds and new drapery rods that I ran out and bought right after closing. We picked up the moving truck that evening and I stayed up until 3 am loading it with as many boxes as I could get in there. People started showing up around 8:30 on Saturday morning to help me get the whole shebang moved out and over to the new house. It took 2 completely full truck loads and 2 partial truck loads to get it all here. Our friends Brian, Tom, Adam, Kim, Lila, and Morgen all helped and we were all done by about 2:30 pm when we brought the moving truck back to the office. I took Kim out to dinner (I offered to everyone, but they all declined for some reason) and when we got back to the house I managed to get both myself and the baby bathed and jammied, got some sheets on our bed and put Ophelia to sleep, went and met my neighbors and had a beer with them. On Sunday we got shower curtain rods hung and a few things unpacked and shifted about so Miss O and I could at least function a bit in between all the stacks and stuff. Jim got home from his school trip at about 6:30 pm. After food and baths, we all crashed early as we were thoroughly exhausted.

And now the real fun begins...Monday was unpacking day as well as landscaping day, cable guy day, washer and dryer delivery day, and fence building day. Have no fear: while it may seem to some of you that I try to do too much on my own, I do know my limits when it comes to big projects. We had landscapers installing the sprinkler system and getting the lot ready to lay sod, the cable guy did the phone, internet, and cable stuff, the Lowe's team of experts delivered and installed the washer and dryer, and the fence contractor did the fence building. We got the kitchen mostly unpacked and the free form unpacking began in earnest. On Tuesday the sod was delivered and Jim and I spent all day installing our new sod while the fence team worked around us. We worked from 7:30 am to 10:30 pm to lay 5,250 square feet of beautiful new green grass. (Well, only 5,100 square feet actually - we had 150 left over that we gave to our neighbor who needed just exactly that much). Wednesday both Jim and I were so sore that it was hard to function properly, but we managed to get more unpacking done, got some shopping done (new dressers for our bedroom), and figured out how to work the sprinkler system so we wouldn't have to water it all manually. Thursday was more unpacking and yet more shopping (bookcases and drill bits and night lights, oh my!!) and we assembled all of our furniture. We are finally making a dent! Today I finally tackled getting the wireless going and here I am!!

Tonight our neighbors are throwing a party for the 4th and I expect it to be a big hoopla of sorts. All the neighbors are invited and it is supposed to be the first annual 4th of July block party for this neighborhood. The neighbors are real nice so far: right next door is recent divorcee Jeremy and his cousin Jeff, both of whom are contractors. Next to them is Greg the realtor and his wife Lindsey the elementary teacher in training. Greg's sister and her husband live next to them, but I haven't met them yet. To my other side is Alice, who sells tupperware and is trying to sell the house. She has a 2 year old grand daughter Olivia who stays with her during the day. Across the street is Kelly and Kelley - another young couple with a dog.

Well, that's all for now. I have to go bake brownies for the party tonight and I hear Ophelia has woken from her nippy nap. More to come when I get a moment to download the most recent photos!!

Love, Heidi



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