From Summer to Autumn to Walking

Hi Everyone! So I completely suck as a blogger, evidently. Here is a major update:

August was a really fun month. We are loving the new house and the new neighborhood. Our subdivision is brand new, so there are still a lot of empty lots and homes under construction, but our part of the neighborhood only has one house left to finish. We have a great
 neighborhood park with a playground and a pavilion, a great little trail system that connects us to other neighborhoods and to the County's 100 acre Regional Park. We have been taking walks in the park almost every day! 

Ophelia is growing and learning at an incredible rate. She took her first wee bitty step on August 11th. All through the month she would take one or two steps here and there - and an occasional string of four or five when being especially adventurous! By the time we took our Big WY Road Trip, she was up to 10-12 steps at a time. Slow and wobbly, but definitely walking! Now she is a real pro - even almost running! SO damn cute! I still can't believe that she can even stay up on those tiny little feet! 

She is still sleeping through the night too! She goes to bed every night at about 6:30 or 7:00 and usually sleeps for a bout 12 hours. We also still have two naps - one around 9 and another around 1 every day. It's SO nice that I finally am able to have a few hours to myself every day and to also get to sleep at night!! WooHoo! This past week, we've had a few wake up calls in the middle of the night, which I am attributing to teething (we have molars on the way folks!!) Right now all we can see are the main 6 that we've had for a while now (4 on top and 2 on the bottom.) 

Big girl eating is so much fun! I feel extremely lucky to have a baby that eats almost everything! The only things she has soundly rejected are real potatoes and real sweet potatoes. She'll eat the baby food versions tho - so maybe we were just having a fussy day. Her favorites are any kind of fruit or berry, smoked turkey breasts, and CHEESE!! She even ate chili with us last weekend! She loves to feed herself, although she hasn't really gotten the self feeding with a bowl and spoon down yet. She would rather deliver the food to her mouth with her hand (yes, even oatmeal!) If I load the spoon for her and hand it to her, she does pretty good getting that food in there, as long as the food is sticky enough to not fall off the spoon prematurely! 

She has a new attachment item. It's the Pink Taggie Blanket that my mom sent to her in the spring. When we started the Sleep Nazi program, I started putting it in with her every time we put her down to sleep. Shortly after we moved in, she started snuggling with this blankie at sleep times. Awwww. Not even as cute as about a month ago when she decided she could not go anywhere without the thing. We had 3 or 4 days in a row that she could not be separated from it other than for a bath. Take a look through the new photos for  a series of shots that all include the blankie. Including this one of her eating with it. 

In September, Ophelia and I took a great big road trip! We left at naptime on a Friday morning and headed south to Freedom, WY to stay the weekend with Aunt Megan and Uncle Mike. They are located south of Jackson - and the drive down from Bozeman is SO beautiful! After our visit there, we headed across the state to Casper to visit with Grandma and Grandpa Simons. We played, walked, ate good food, tie dyed, played on the new computer, and visited like crazy! Then back to Bozeman! The whole trip took 9 days. Ophelia did great in the car - in fact she did better and better with each leg of the trip. She is still rear facing, so making sure she had what she needed was surely a challenge without another passenger to help out. 

We've been lucky to have some really lovely fall weather - lots of sun and warm days - but this IS Montana and Winter just doesn't wait! It's been icy cold for about 4 days now. We have had snow the last two days in a row. The next challenge is going to be bundling Ophelia up enough to be warm, but not so much that her mobility will be limited! Hopefully, her rejection of hats will end so we can keep her head covered! Anyone know where to get a goose down Halloween Costume? 

We are missing all of the friends and family who are so far away! Take a look at new photos in the August 2008, September 2008, October 2008, and Big WY Road Trip photo albums! New links are on the right! 


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