Christmas and December 2008 In Review

December started out with another Ski Patrol training weekend. I sold a few more hats! Jim's mom came up again to sit for Ophelia because we were both gone at the same time again! 

Ophelia got her first snow suit from my parents, but it's still so big that it's hard for her to move around in it. And we are unable to find winter boots for her because her feet are just too small at this point! She is still learning new things every day. Her language is evolving at an alarming rate. We can now understand a lot of those single syllable words and a ton of animal sounds!! 

Now that we have an aware little person in our midst, I decided that this year we would really try to have a nice Christmas tree with real ornaments and all. Ophelia and I went and shopped for one the second week in December and found the perfect little tree! I loved having a real tree again. I haven't had one since I was still at home with mom and dad. The tree was a fascinating thing, and ended up looking a bit odd, as all the glass ornaments had to be on the top of the tree where Miss O couldn't reach them! 

It's Montana. Bring on the winter. While you would expect us to have cold and snowy weather out here, it is actually quite rare to have subzero freezing temperatures this early in the season! The two weeks before Christmas were consistently 20 degrees F BELOW zero! The cold snap finally broke a few days before we left for our trip to Casper, WY where we spent the holiday with Jim's family. Unfortunately, the winter weather did not stop. Our drive down to Wyoming on the Monday before Xmas started out OK, but quickly spiraled into, what we thought at the time, was the worst winter driving trip ever. Ophelia did well on the drive down, but the weather was so bad, Jim and I almost had coronaries! Once we were there, we had a great time. It was nice spending the holidays with families and a bunch of stuff going on!! Then we had to come back. Now THIS was definitely the worst winter driving trip ever. It snowed and blowed the whole way back. We didn't have more than about 100 yards of visibility the whole trip! And when we arrived in Bozeman, we arrived to nearly 2 FEET of new snow on the ground. We also discovered 2 molars in Ophelia's mouth! No wonder she didn't sleep well on this trip!

There are photos of opening presents and some blurry shots of the huge snow cornice on the back of our house in the Holidays 2008 photo album! 

Pregnancy Update: I had two prenatal visits this month. At the first we determined that I was definitely pregnant, but not as pregnant as we all thought! The first ultrasound showed only a yolk sac. The second appointment we were able to see a heartbeat and get a measurement and estimated due date of July 31, 2009. I am feeling pretty good except for morning sickness. Luckily it's just nausea and no vomiting at this point, but eating is pretty tough. 


Alexis said...

Oh my gosh! She looks like such a big girl! Congratulations on the new baby on the way! The hats are very cute, what a great way to start up a home business!

PS You don't suck as a blogger, you just have a life, we should all be so lucky!

Okay, enough with writing a book, kiss that baby for me.


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