November 2008 In Review

November was a pretty cool month. While not a lot was going on, the few things that did happen were pretty high quality! 

Ophelia continues to advance in her communication and locomotion skills. Her signs are really exploding and she is learning a lot of single syllables that still largely make no sense to Jim and I, but are still really cute! She is a walking pro and climbing is now becoming an accomplished skill. Her willingness to actually help with the laundry has decreased since she discovered that it's way more fun to climb into the dryer than to put wet clothes into it. She loves to read books, stack the rings on her stacker, and listen to music. 

Election day was this month! Wooo Woooo go Obama!! Ophelia and I went to the polls together and voted. See her November 2008 Album for shots of her in her Obama shirt! 

Ski Patrol training started this month. Jim's mom came up from Casper to help watch Ophelia on the one weekend that both Jim and I had to be gone at the same time. It was awesome having her here! 

The week after that, Jim and I found out that WE ARE EXPECTING ANOTHER BABY!!! (As of the time of this post, we are almost 19 weeks in and due at the end of July!)

Then comes Thanksgiving. I successfully cooked my first full on Turkey Dinner, complete with Turkey. I ended up cooking enough food for at least 10 people, so I took a bunch to the boys next door who never seem to have enough to eat. 



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