October 2008 In Review

I know, I know. I suck as a blogger. I've said it before, I'll say it again. I suck. There. 

Now I will try to update the last few months for everyone! YAY! 

There is an October 2008 Photo Album to enhance your blog reading experience!!! 

October finished out without too much fanfare. We had a lovely Autumn, with crisp sunny d
ays and walks in the neighborhood. Ophelia's walking skills progressed to 'Yes, I can really do this and do it well! Even outside!" We collected leaves, and explored dying flower gardens, and worked on our signing. Alexis and Charlie sent us the cutest cupcake hat! 

Halloween was, of course, kind of fun with a cute little toddler. The first thing we did to celebrate the season was to go pumpkin shopping! There is a local farm that gives h
ay rides to the pumpkin patch. Ophelia and I nearly froze to death that day, but still had fun anyway!
Next: costume! We have had a lamb costume hanging in our closet since she was born. I'm positive it was supposed to be for a baby in the 6-9 month range, but it still fit our wee little girl!! Jim's mom made several tie dyes that looked like pumpkin shirts and my mom sent a pumpkin romper, so Ophelia and several options for dressing up! I made her a green fleece hat to act as a pumpkin stem to complete her look. We were invited to a friend's Halloween party and Miss O was a big hit, even though we only stayed for about an hour. Of course I never took pictures of her on the actual Halloween event, but I took them in November to make up for it! 

On the mommy and daddy side of things: 

Jim was in full swing in another year of teaching. This year brought the advancement to
 teaching Senior AP English - 3 sections. A lot of extra work and a ton of extra grading, but a good challenge nonetheless. Debate is also in full swing at this point with practice 4 nights a week and traveling to tournaments every other weekend.

I decided to start a small hat making venture. I was inspired by the fact that I needed a new hat for Ski Patrol this year. I decided that other people might too, so I made a bunch of fleece hats in both black and red with a white EMT cross on the front. The hats cost me about $3 each to make and I am getting $15 a piece for them. So far (as of this posting) I have sold every Large and Medium hat that I have made. I also made hats for Ophelia (of course!), my pa
rents, myself and Jim, and my neighbors. If anyone needs a new winter hat, let me know!! 



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