Quick Mommy Update:

While I have a moment!

I'm 33 weeks pregnant as of today. The official due date, determined by ultrasound, is July 30, 2009. My belly is measuring about 2 weeks ahead, but the doctor thinks it is due to an abundance of amniotic fluid. The baby measured on track at my last ultrasound at 28 weeks. My weight gain is still a very conservative 17 pounds as of my appointment yesterday. By this time with Ophelia I had already gained 35 pounds!!! By this time with Ophelia, remember, I was also in the hospital with preterm labor. So things are going GREAT!!! While I do find
 myself getting way tired out by the time the afternoon rolls around, my body feels really good. I've been doing prenatal yoga since January and it is wonderful! I'm still able to put on socks and tie my shoes and walk without waddling at 33 weeks! Now THAT'S something! 

My birthday was back in May and one of my gifts was a trip to the salon. Here is the new hairdo: 

Once Again...

I haven't updated the blog in ages. But we have a new video camera and a week with daddy on the road, so perhaps you will see some "Ophelia in Action" very very soon! 

Oh - and check out MiniMe Baby Gear. I just added their banner. She has some really fun stuff and some really great 'functional' stuff too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the wet bags!


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