Ophelia Turns 2

Well, officially this happened on the 8th. She ended up having her Birthday party on my hospital bed in the Maternal Newborn wing. Jim and Grandma Simons wrapped up all the goodies that had been arriving over the past few months and hauled them all up there along with a dozen cupcakes that Ophelia wanted to share with the 'purple nurses' (all of the Maternal Newborn staff wears purple scrubs).

Today we had her 2 Year Well Child visit at the doctor. Official stats are in: she's TINY! Not quite 5th percentile in height and weight. She IS proportional, however, and is growing and the proper rate (the curve on her graph was very pleasing to look at!). Just Tiny. 23.36 pounds and 31 inches tall. Oh - and her BMI is actually slightly below what toddlers her age normally exhibit - so I guess I can stop freaking out when her dad gives her chocolate milk or juice during the day. And while normal sized toddlers get to ditch the whole milk for 2% at this point, the doc advised keeping her on whole milk for another 6 months. At least. She is also hitting all of the physical landmarks for her age - such as jumping, running, kicking a ball, climbing, etc. And she is WAY ahead in her language skills. The doctor was duly impressed when Ophelia spoke in complete sentences and clearly stated the word 'schizophrenia' for her. And while mommy thought we would have a quick in and out with no trauma, she did end up having to get her Hep A vaccine AND a poke to check her iron levels. Thank goodness for pink lollipops and pink stickers (band-aids).

Rowan Marie got a glance from the doc as well. She is looking real good according to Dr. Julie. We had gone for a visit the day after we were discharged to get her weighed (6 pounds 13.4 ounces), measured (19 3/4"), and checked for jaundice (still yellow). She had to get her blood drawn for her bilirubin levels and also to redo the PKU test that was damaged by the courier the first time around. We went back for a weight check last Monday and she was back up to 7 pounds 4 ounces. She goes back in for her 3 week checkup next week. She is eating really well and doesn't look at all wrinkly anymore. And she isn't yellow anymore either. Mommy's super milk is doing the trick apparently.

Speaking of mommy, I'm healing up pretty nicely. I have pretty good mobility and I only have pain if I overdo it (which is actually still quite easy to do if I'm not careful). My incision is still hidden under some very sticky tape, which I am having removed at the doctor tomorrow. Hopefully she will give me the 'all clear' and I will be nearly back to normal again in a flash. I had a nasty cold/virus right before I delivered Rowan that came back in full swing the moment I got home from the hospital. But I'm finally feeling better from that - just a hint of a sore throat at this point - nothing debilitating.


charley said...

Thanks for the update. Glad to know all is well in the Maxwell household. I'm not sure if Jim even speaks in complete sentences these days. ;)


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