Huge Winter Storm

Yesterday we woke up to a large amount of snow. Between 12 and 18 inches in the morning. By the time we got outside to shovel and play, it was at least 18". By the end of the day, the official depth came in at 22"!! I am still not totally shoveled out - I just ran out of time and steam yesterday. And while it is sunny and clear today, it is FREEZING out there at a mere 20F!

Ophelia is finally big enough to wear winter boots and a snow suit. I was terrified that she would fall face first in the snow and not be able to get up, but she had a blast playing until she was downright exhausted! Might be time to get her a wee snow shovel!


charley said...

sorry i'm not on FB, but i do have my RSS feed for Miss Claire's blog. she looks like she is having a zen powder experience. very cute!

Heidi Maxwell said...

I'm going to try to blog more. Hopefully that will happen. I had fun with it today.


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