The Bouncy House Rules!

Well, it's not perfect, but we had SO much fun! Our Mama's Group (officially: Attachment Parenting Play Group) went to The Party Place this week for our weekly play group. This place has about 8 huge inflatable 'bouncy house' style toys. Two big slides, two big bouncy houses, a few bouncy obstacle courses, the baby bouncy area, and a basketball bouncy. You pay for a two hour chunk of time (which is MORE than enough time to overstimulate your children), take off your shoes, and bounce away! They also have a snack area, free popcorn, and party rooms that you can rent when it's time for that big bouncy house birthday party.

Ophelia had so much fun, I went ahead and bought her 10 passes at the discounted holiday rate (which was $2 off the regular pass rate!) for her Christmas stocking.
The only drawbacks were that there wasn't any adult seating in the snack area (although those little kid sized picnic tables were perfect for the kiddos) and that there wasn't a kid sized bathroom (that we saw). When we attempted to go to the potty, Ophelia looked in there and said "There's a big scary flusher in there. I don't want to go on the big scary flusher." I must also suggest a changing station in the family bathroom - I was befuzzled at the lack of one, considering this is a place for kids and families to go. My final suggestion would be a giant bouncy "exit" slide that deposits the kids right next to your car - so to make it easier to get them out of there without a fight! Ophelia was NOT ready to go home when it was time to go.


Mimi's Mama said...

I love the exit idea. ha ha ha! It should deposit them directly into the car seat in your vehicle and spray them with a harmless aerosol tranquilizer so that they are unable to protest.

Hope you had a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Grove said...

Keen eye on the bathrooms. ADA requires so many details, you would think they would address parenting details, too. Scary flusher... Just wait til she has her head in one in like 20 years...


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