Rockin' Green Rocks!

Last month during The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt, I discovered a new detergent for washing my cloth diapers. Now, you may be thinking "Big Whoop! Detergent is detergent!" Well, when it comes to washing cloth diapers that couldn't be further from the truth. Most commercial laundry detergents contain whiteners, brighteners, fragrances, dyes, softeners, and other chemicals that can be harmful to your cloth (not to mention that precious baby bottom!) - so it's important to find one that has none of that - and doing that at the local grocery store or big box store can actually be a challenge. For the past two years I've been using a Free and Clear version of a fairly popular detergent. It did OK, but I had to do an extra rinse cycle after every load and the detergent was STILL building up on my cloth diapers. And when you get build up, you get repelling (the diapers don't soak up the pee and poo) and stink. Oooooh, the stink! Pee-U!

Then I discovered Rockin' Green. I was seeing it on all these websites while I was diaper hunting. And I was seeing nothing but good reviews in all of those places. Not only were people happy with how clean their diapers were getting, but they were able to reclaim old diapers that they thought had been ruined forever by simply Rockin' The Soak! Turns out, Rockin' Green was able to de-funk those old diapers by getting all of the old detergent residue and funky buildup out of the precious cloth. The diapers were no longer leaking! The diapers were no longer stinky! I had to try it. I busted out my Diaper Hunt Discount Code and got myself a Rockin' Green Bundle. It included a 45/90 Bag of detergent in my choice of Soft Rock (for sensitive bottoms) or Classic Rock and my choince of yummy scents, an 8 oz. Shake It Up! Pail Freshener in the same scent, and a wooden laundry scoop that is the perfect size for a load of laundry.

Then I waited. I did a little dance of excitement every time I saw the mail truck coming down the street. I was so excited to try out this stuff! I didn't wait long - my Rockin' Green package arrived a mere 4 days after I placed the order. And MMMMMMM! Lavender Vanilla smells heavenly! I started a Rockin' Soak immediately. Ophelia's diapers were in sad shape and I was still afraid that I wouldn't get the life out of them that I needed in order to pass them down to Rowan when that day came. I started with her night diapers - which were the worst of the bunch. Well, one overnight soak and those diapers were back in action. No more stink. No more leaks. And they feel soft again! Next I did Rowan's diapers - bam! like new! And then the rest of Ophelia's diapers - kapow! I WON'T have to buy a whole new stash of mediums for Rowan! YAY! Then I started looking around for more things to de-funk. The dog bed! Surely this Soft Rock could not bring life back into that horrid old dog bed. Drumroll please....that stinky, nasty bed is SO clean! Jim's jackets that reek of smoke and man spray - clean and fresh again. This stuff really DOES rock! And an added bonus? No more extra rinse cycle - because Rockin' Green rinses clean with the first rinse.

So - if you have cloth diapers and are not totally satisfied with your washing routine - you HAVE to give this stuff a try. You can start with a Sample if you aren't ready to commit to a whole bag like I did. It comes in Classic Rock or Soft Rock - and a soon to be released Hard Rock (for those with hard water); in either a big bag (90/180 Loads) or a little bag (45/90 Loads); and in a nice array of wonderful scents. And that scent? It's there when you start your wash load, but it's gone when the wash is done - leaving your dipes (or your clothes) smelling just clean!

Rockin’ Green is:
Dye  free
Comes in several yummy scents (& an unscented version for sensitive skin)
No fillers
No enzymes or optical brighteners
100% Phosphate free
Great for sensitive skin
Easy rinsing formula
Approved for military use
Works wonders on microfiber stink!
Perfect for cloth diapers
HE compatible
Reusable packaging
Great for all water types
Economical at .13 cents a load!
Made in the USA by a Work At Home Mom!


Lilli said...

Last day to enter the Rockin’ Green giveaway from My Tots Travel. Only entries received by 6:00pm CST on will be eligible to win. Winner will be announced tonight (5/27/2010).


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