The Car Seats are HERE! YAY!

Seeing as Rowan is growing at an alarming rate and that the extra convertible car seat that we had was about to expire, we had to take advantage of the incredible sale ( thanks for the tip off Lexi!) on Discontinued Pattern Britax Marathon Car Seats at Traveling Tikes. And seeing as how we couldn't possibly get on without a matching seat for Ophelia, we ended up with TWO brand new Britax Marathons in the Hannah print. Thank you Beba and Papa!

The seats arrive and Ophelia is so excited. To have a new box to play with.

My seat testers. Rowan sat here for a whole 5 minutes without screaming. Hopefully these seats will make riding in the car a more pleasant experience for her. Perhaps.

Update: These Britax seats seem to be miracle seats. Rowan has actually been able to ride in the car without screaming the entire way for every outing since we installed them. Yesterday, we drove out past Livingston and back (about an hour round trip) and she only squawked a bit at the beginning and when we stopped to pick up our freecycle loot. 


Alexis said...

I love that pattern. It would have been my first choice, but Chris just couldn't take it. I guess the man does get to draw the line somewhere on the pink...

You will LOVE them!

Heidi Maxwell said...

I DO love them! When I first saw this pattern I thought it was blue or black with red flowers and I wasn't digging it. But I found a bigger swatch on some website and seeing it up close really changed my mind. The brown is so luxurious! And the pink? Well, Jim will never have to sit in it, so it doesn't matter to him all that much! The diaper bag, however, is totally gender neutral. I wouldn't dream of making him carry around something pink and floofy. lol <3

Alexis said...

Good point on the diaper bag, mine is a kind of girly (Vera Bradley Owls) but I stock the car and the stroller with "mini-kits" of diapers, wipes, change of panties etc so when Chris heads out he can just grab a sippy cup or bottle and be set to go. Now, why I still bother to lug the whole big bag? I don't know, that is just what mommies do I guess!

PS my word verification is "get supper." Blogger must know I am procrastinating on putting dinner in the slow cooker!

Heidi Maxwell said...

Sometimes I think blogger is prescient with those word verifications!!


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