Crafting with your Toddler

My mom has been telling me to get Ophelia a glue stick and some glitter for ages now. I've been thinking "Do I really need to let the mess get THAT out of control? Let's just stick with crayons for now." Well, seeing as the house couldn't possibly get any messier than it already is, I've resolved to let Ophelia have at it. Plus, it's a fun learning tool and helps her with fine motor skills. Development, here we come!

We went to the craft store yesterday and totally pimped out our kiddy craft stash. Grandpa Jeff and Grandma Tammy gave us a jumpstart with the craft items they sent at Christmas: finger paints and paper, new crayons, new starter markers, and a smock. We added craft paints and brushes, glue, glitter, stamps. sticky foam sheets and shapes, washable markers, pipe cleaners, plaster of paris, and scissors. While Ophelia 'napped', I cleaned up our paper and coloring book stash and organized it all into one big 'box o' craft stuff. I even got a cheapo Christmas Journal that we are going to transform into a craft journal, so we can keep track of what we are doing!

When Ophelia got up we tackled our first official craft project: A is for Alligator. I drew the A and she colored it. I let her try out her new learning scissors on some scrap while I made an eyeball and cut out the A and the foam teeth. Then we busted out the glue and I let her stick it all together. Some foam flowers finish off a pretty cool alligator, if I may say! I'm hoping to save some of the good ones and Modge Podge them onto some cardboard so we can hang them up in her room as wall art!

Today we woke up to a bunch of new snow and pretty cold temps. So I decided that Snowy Day Snowman might just be the perfect craft for this morning. I drew the snowman and cut out some shapes for the facial features while O was again practicing with those scissors (we are not even close, btw - she is still trying to use two hands to operate them). I applied glue and O stuck the eyes and nose and mouth bits in place. Then we did the same with the marshmallows. And we got to eat some too! And count some too! We finished it off with a name and some iridescent glitter!

Our project ideas came from a great blog I just found called No Time For Flash Cards. "A resource of activities for young children that promote play, discovery and learning."
No Time For Flash Cards


Alexis said...

Those are awesome, I also need to get on it and get some toddler scissors. I worry that Charlie will really enjoy hacking things up though. Ask my folks about how I gave myself snappy new "bangs" with mine...


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