Mommy Blog Tip of the Week


You've seen Rachel Ray use a Garbage Bowl when she's cooking her 30 Minute Meals - it saves precious moments by not having to go to the garbage pail every time you have something to toss. And it IS a great time saver. We usually use an empty vegetable sack when cooking dinner - or if we didn't have one from that meal, we use a bowl. 

Well, the past few weeks I've also been keeping a small garbage bowl on the counter for catching bits and pieces throughout the day. Be it the seal from the milk jug, a used tea bag, apple cores from snack time, or the wrapper from my Emergen-C, it saves me that moment of tromping across the kitchen to toss it in the garbage EVERY time. It's amazing to me that just eliminating one little step from any chore can make your whole day that much less hectic. 

So mommies, let's take one baby step closer to sanity: Garbage Bowl. 


Alexis said...

That is a super good idea, so simple yet I bet it makes a huge difference...I will have to remember this when I get a kitchen that is more than 20 square feet (as in literally 20 linoleum tiles for my current kitchen). Combine this with one of those sweet little sealed up compost cans and it would be a dream come true. Tidy kitchen with fewer trips to garbage can and composter.

Gretchen said...

I'm already a big fan of the garbage bowl!! Or maybe I jut like saying garbage bowl..either way, GREAT TIP!


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