Wordless Wednesday, Yo!

Clappy Hands! I won an award!


Special thanks to Army Mom's Place for declaring me a Beautiful Blogger! It's my first official blog award, and while it's clear that it is definitely a chain letter networking tool, it's still cool, and I accept with full honors. Plus, I think the badge is pretty and I want to put it in my ever growing, suddenly overflowing sidebar.

As with every chain letter networking tool, there are rules. And here they are (edited slightly, but the spirit of the chain letter award is still there):

Here's what we have to do to own the award:
1. Thank, then link to the person that gave you the award
2. Pass this award on to 15 how ever many bloggers you want to that you've recently (or not so recently) discovered and who you think are fantastic
3. Contact said bloggers to let them know they've won.
4. State 7 Things about yourself!

And the award goes to.... 
  1. Alexis at The Well-Read Mom because she's truly awesome and funny and I love her. Even though we haven't seen each other in person since she was about 10 years old. 
  2. Amber at Because Babies Grow Up because she posts cool ideas of things to do with your kiddos.
  3. Barbara at Barbara's Beat because she has the longest, scrolliest sidebar ever! Heck, this award might even be in it somewhere.
  4. Anna at abdpbt even though she probably won't repost it. She's cool. And I like her. You are beautiful Anna! The dooce looks like an alien next to you!
7 Things About Me:
  1. I cannot, I repeat: CAN NOT sleep in a bed unless it has been made. Even if I have to make it right before I climb in for the night. Beds must be made or I can not sleep. 
  2. I love to shovel snow and I greatly miss doing it. Even though I live in a land of snow and ice, it is just not possible to effectively shovel snow with just one hand. (See this post for reference). 
  3. I love cats, but I never ever ever ever want to own one of my own. 
  4. I am an EMT Basic. For about another 30 days, when my license will lapse - unless a miracle happens and there is a free 24 hour medical refresher happening in my living room sometime in the next two weeks. 
  5. When I have a cocktail, I like a Maker's Mark Manhattan, straight up. 
  6. I have been to Kathmandu.
  7. Most days I wear yoga pants or some variant of sweat pants. What can I say, they are comfortable.

Can you do it with one hand?

Well, I definitely give it my damnedest!

When you have a child you tend to find that doing things with two hands is often no longer possible. When you have two, it is inevitable that many of your normal daily tasks must be accomplished with only one hand:


  1. Blogging. Yes, even this post is being typed with just one hand. 
  2. Laundry: From sorting to folding, it must be done. And done. And done...
  3. Putting on your toddler's underpants. 
  4. Putting on your own underpants.
  5. Taking a poop. No, we just can't go a week around here without blogging about poop. ::sigh::
  6. Making a full on home made meal. At least I'm less likely to cut the tip of my finger off this way.
  7. Eating said meal. Really, why did we even get them a high chair? Honey, could you cut my steak into little bits for me?
  8. The dishes. Really.
  9. Sewing. I should really have my own show. Yes, I can sew with one hand. Now. When I have to. 
  10. Sweeping the floor. That's not really a challenge?
  11. Scooping the sweepings and getting them in the garbage bin. Ha. 
  12. Giving that slippery toddler a bath. And actually getting her clean.
  13. Yoga. Baby yoga mat be damned.

Mommy Blog Tip of the Week: Diapers


It happens to the best of us. We hear about it on the forums. We get horror stories from 'been there, done that' mamas. We always fear it, but never actually expect to find it in our child's pajama's. It's not just newborn poo that is the culprit either. It's the dreaded Diaper Blowout. You could chalk it up to user error, but let's face it, putting on a diaper is not rocket science. Sure, the first few weeks days of diapering you go through the phases of "Is this really the front?"; "Is it on tight enough?"; "Oh crap, her feet are purple, that one was definitely too tight!"; "Double crap, there's crap everywhere! What the crap did I do wrong?" But by the time day 4 (and about the 50th diaper change - as we all know repetition breeds perfection) rolls around it's pretty much smooth sailing. Except for the blowouts. 

Through no fault of our own, poop can manage to escape from the best of diaper applications. Disposable diapers are the worst: no matter if you are sized appropriately, using a bigger size to hopefully make room in the diaper for that special load, fastened tight enough or loose enough, spent twice as much for that 'best diaper out there,' or just went for it with the cheap-o store brand version. In my estimate, at least 7 out of every 10 poops escape from those disposable diapers. Poop takes the path of least resistance - and if that is out the leg hole or up the back, then that is exactly where it will go, absorbency be damned. Cloth diapers have a much higher success rate at keeping the poop in, but they are not a vault, and it sometimes comes out anyway - especially the night diapers, which seem to reach their capacity about an hour before your child wakes up in the morning. 

So, where is this great mommy blog tip? Well, it's threefold.

  1. Use Cloth Diapers: I know, I know it seems scary and like more trouble than it's worth. We've been using cloth diapers since Ophelia was big enough to fit in her smalls. And they are awesome and I'm guessing that we've saved somewhere in the neighborhood of $3000 at this point. Stay tuned for a feature blog post about our journey in using Cloth Diapers. 
  2. Use a Diaper Cover: If you just can't bring yourself to use cloth, or you do use it most of the time, but end up using disposables now and then, I have to recommend using a Diaper Cover over your disposable. Especially at night. If the poop is seeking a way to freedom, the Diaper Cover will keep it locked safely in the diaper zone. We like Bummi's Super Brights, but there are a ton of great Diaper Covers out there. Just last night we found ourselves out of night diapers (oops!) and ended up using a Super Bright cover over a pull-up for Ophelia. Worked like a charm. 
  3. Use Fleece: Yes, fleece. This is not going to completely contain the mess every time, but it will help. Fleece pants at nap time. Fleece jammies at bed time. Fleece is like the synthetic version of wool: it repels moisture. So if that moisture is coming from the inside, it tends to stay on the inside. If you go about the interwebs searching for cloth diapering goodies, you will even come across the lovely Fleece Longies - which are long pants intended to be used as (gasp) a Diaper Cover. Anywho - so even if your diaper blows out, at least it is more likely to be contained inside the fleece clothing, and not all over the bedding or other furniture. When we put Ophelia in for her afternoon naps, we always put on fleece sweatpants in lieu of her regular outfit for the day. 
Hope this make your day brighter and your laundry load less. Happy Diapering!

The Bath

Rowan is one of those babies who, for some odd reason, seems to not like those 'tried and true' things that many babies are soothed and relaxed by: riding in the car, swinging in the swing, splashing in the bath. 

When we first brought her home, I thought I was pretty lucky on the bathing front. She seemed to enjoy her first 2 or 3 baths, unlike her sister, who for the first 9 months routinely screamed for every bath from the moment the water started running until she was pajama'd and swaddled. By about the 4th or 5th bath, Rowan was in the same boat. Needless to say, it is no fun to bathe a screaming, flailing baby. And the element of relaxation that a nice bath is supposed to impart is just not there when they freak out the entire time. But every once in a while, you really just need to wash them with soap and water! 

Today I noticed that she was getting a bit crusty, so it's bath time whether she likes it or not. I decided that I would change venues. We normally bathe her in the baby tub - but this time I ditched the tub and tried out the kitchen sink. She loved it. Happy girl, welcome to the world of the warm, relaxing bath. 

Hey! This is kind of fun!

Maybe it's the view? (Photo by Ophelia Claire)

Nom Nom Nom

Loving my Lotions and Potions

Wordless Wednesday: Mommy Fuel

"I want to do it myself"

"I want to do it myself." The phrase that has officially ushered in the phase affectionately known as The Terrible Twos. Granted, Ophelia is closer to three now than two - and I had thought that we were 'out of the woods' so to say, on the terrible part, seeing as she is just a perfect angel and all. Well, 'two years and a half' must be the age of independence, because everything - and I mean EVERYTHING - has to be 'done by myself.' Even if she can't actually accomplish said task. This leads to massive frustration, and massive tantrums. I'm talking invasion of the body snatchers siren screaming and flopping about like a fish out of water. And when she can do a thing, but say - it tips over or doesn't fit JUST PERFECT? Yep. Another massive tantrum. Thankfully, these episodes tend to happen only at home, and usually only when she is totally pooped out or jonesing for a snack. We are officially moving dinner and bed time up a half hour to try and combat the end of the day crazy attacks. 

I always said she was rotten, but none of her grandmas think that is even remotely possible. What do you think? Could this face be terrible? Could it? 

Wordless (yet VERY colorful) Wednesday

Poopy Monday

Sometimes even a list can't keep your Monday from going to shit...

1. Rowan wakes up poopy. Horrid diaper rash results.
2. Ophelia wakes up poopy. Mild diaper rash results. Also, poop has leaked and the jammies are poopy too.
3. I had to use a freaking PLUNGER to flush my own business down this morning. Lovely, I know.
4. Another poopy diaper for Rowan at play group. Still looks like someone set off napalm down there, poor thing.
5. A mom at the bouncy house has a kiddo who is so excited, he craps his pants. Literally. Thankfully there are a billion mommies with wipes and dipes to lend a hand.
6. Rowan poops again when we get home. No rest for that poor behind.
7. Ophelia takes a nap! YAY! ... and wakes up REALLY poopy. The rash is worse. And not only is there poop in the sweatpants, but also poop on the pillow. Super YAY!
8. Mom tries again. Mom calls for the Plunger. Again. (WTH??)
9. Rowan has now managed to poop in EVERY diaper today. How on earth is this rash supposed to get any better?
10. Dad comes home. Now the master bathroom is on temporary quarantine.
11. We think we are in the clear, but no - another late night poop for Rowan brings her poop count to SIX for the day. The rash is not getting better, despite Better Butt Balm and Tea Tree Oil and Oatmeal treatments. I manage to find some disposables crammed into a crevice of the diaper bag so I can spackle her ass with some high octane butt paste.

Ahhhh, crap.


Separation Anxiety

Baby Separation Anxiety

Definition: When it feels as if you haven't put your baby down in at least a month without her screaming her poor little head off like you are leaving the country forever without her

Seriously. I am going to have a HUGE left arm from hanging on to this little tank all day every day. Thankfully she loves to be wrapped and I love the Moby - so I do carry her every day in that and it helps take the load off. And she will sit and play on the floor or in the exersaucer for short periods, but only if I am in direct line of sight and not making any sudden movements which could be construed as leaving the country forever without her. 

I haven't taken a single shower in at least 3 weeks without having to listen to the poor child scream and carry on and make herself sick because she just knows that there is a secret exit out of the shower and that I am definitely leaving the country forever without her and never ever coming back again ever.

I have been playing peek-a-peeks and mini games of hide and seek and hide the toy to help her with the idea of object permanence. You know, the idea that just because you can't see a thing doesn't mean that it is gone gone gone forever and ever and I will never see it again panic panic freak out and scream!!!

So if you've tried to hold Rowan lately and you aren't me, I apologize for all of the screaming and carrying on. It will pass eventually and we aren't worried as we know this is just a normal part of baby development. This type of attachment is actually a sign that her attachment to mommy is a healthy one, believe it or not! Even if it means that my left arm will be freakishly strong compared to my right one from having to tote her about all day until she is ready to "do it by self," as Ophelia would say it.

And if you are having these issues with your own baby, check out this great site I found today: Just The Facts, Baby! This particular article is written by Elizabeth Pantly, author of The No Cry Sleep Solution

Sweet Cheeks Giveaway

Mommy Blog Giveaway!

Raising a Green Bean in a Material World was lucky enough to be able to review Sweet Cheeks, an ALL NATURAL diaper ointment that is safe to use with cloth diapers! And according to her, this stuff is pretty good. As a bonus, Sprouting Up Natural Baby Store is giving away a 2 ounce tin of this amazing diaper ointment to one of her blog readers. Stop by her blog to find out more!


Update: Congratulations to Annie Valentine on winning a 45/90 bag of @RockinGreenSoap from Avinsmomma.blogspot.com & RockinGreen

Listless Monday

Let's give this a go, shall we? Make sure your audio is ON for this one.

1. WTF Video: As if the Slap Chop guy wasn't insane enough. Now he has back up dancers.

2. Uplifting Video: Speaking of dancers. This is cool. And it made me feel so good it even brought a tear to my eye. 

3. Singing along there? Try not to do that with this Surprisingly Fun to Watch (and sing along with) Kid Video:

4. That was fun, wasn't it? Wait until you see this. Insane. (Which I think brings us back to the very beginning...)



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