The Bath

Rowan is one of those babies who, for some odd reason, seems to not like those 'tried and true' things that many babies are soothed and relaxed by: riding in the car, swinging in the swing, splashing in the bath. 

When we first brought her home, I thought I was pretty lucky on the bathing front. She seemed to enjoy her first 2 or 3 baths, unlike her sister, who for the first 9 months routinely screamed for every bath from the moment the water started running until she was pajama'd and swaddled. By about the 4th or 5th bath, Rowan was in the same boat. Needless to say, it is no fun to bathe a screaming, flailing baby. And the element of relaxation that a nice bath is supposed to impart is just not there when they freak out the entire time. But every once in a while, you really just need to wash them with soap and water! 

Today I noticed that she was getting a bit crusty, so it's bath time whether she likes it or not. I decided that I would change venues. We normally bathe her in the baby tub - but this time I ditched the tub and tried out the kitchen sink. She loved it. Happy girl, welcome to the world of the warm, relaxing bath. 

Hey! This is kind of fun!

Maybe it's the view? (Photo by Ophelia Claire)

Nom Nom Nom

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charley said...

Nice work with the consistent posting. Maybe the metal of the sink soothes her.


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