Can you do it with one hand?

Well, I definitely give it my damnedest!

When you have a child you tend to find that doing things with two hands is often no longer possible. When you have two, it is inevitable that many of your normal daily tasks must be accomplished with only one hand:


  1. Blogging. Yes, even this post is being typed with just one hand. 
  2. Laundry: From sorting to folding, it must be done. And done. And done...
  3. Putting on your toddler's underpants. 
  4. Putting on your own underpants.
  5. Taking a poop. No, we just can't go a week around here without blogging about poop. ::sigh::
  6. Making a full on home made meal. At least I'm less likely to cut the tip of my finger off this way.
  7. Eating said meal. Really, why did we even get them a high chair? Honey, could you cut my steak into little bits for me?
  8. The dishes. Really.
  9. Sewing. I should really have my own show. Yes, I can sew with one hand. Now. When I have to. 
  10. Sweeping the floor. That's not really a challenge?
  11. Scooping the sweepings and getting them in the garbage bin. Ha. 
  12. Giving that slippery toddler a bath. And actually getting her clean.
  13. Yoga. Baby yoga mat be damned.


abdpbt said...

Ahh I remember having to master all of the one-handed activities so well. These days, I can actually use both hands . . . sometimes, but I remember a time where not only did I not have either hand, I also had to use my nose to balance things on occasion. Uggh.

Alexis said...

Amen sister! Even with all the Ergos, slings and wing-dings I am finding myself working with one hand all the time. Add "shower" to the list since most days it is just easier to have all three of us jump in...its not like I deserve the five minutes to myself after all...

Word verification "fancy see"...yup, it sure is!


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