"I want to do it myself"

"I want to do it myself." The phrase that has officially ushered in the phase affectionately known as The Terrible Twos. Granted, Ophelia is closer to three now than two - and I had thought that we were 'out of the woods' so to say, on the terrible part, seeing as she is just a perfect angel and all. Well, 'two years and a half' must be the age of independence, because everything - and I mean EVERYTHING - has to be 'done by myself.' Even if she can't actually accomplish said task. This leads to massive frustration, and massive tantrums. I'm talking invasion of the body snatchers siren screaming and flopping about like a fish out of water. And when she can do a thing, but say - it tips over or doesn't fit JUST PERFECT? Yep. Another massive tantrum. Thankfully, these episodes tend to happen only at home, and usually only when she is totally pooped out or jonesing for a snack. We are officially moving dinner and bed time up a half hour to try and combat the end of the day crazy attacks. 

I always said she was rotten, but none of her grandmas think that is even remotely possible. What do you think? Could this face be terrible? Could it? 


Grandma said...

Rotten?? That is the face of an angel - she needs to be smothered in hugs and kisses - perhaps a pose for a national toddler magazine?


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