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It happens to the best of us. We hear about it on the forums. We get horror stories from 'been there, done that' mamas. We always fear it, but never actually expect to find it in our child's pajama's. It's not just newborn poo that is the culprit either. It's the dreaded Diaper Blowout. You could chalk it up to user error, but let's face it, putting on a diaper is not rocket science. Sure, the first few weeks days of diapering you go through the phases of "Is this really the front?"; "Is it on tight enough?"; "Oh crap, her feet are purple, that one was definitely too tight!"; "Double crap, there's crap everywhere! What the crap did I do wrong?" But by the time day 4 (and about the 50th diaper change - as we all know repetition breeds perfection) rolls around it's pretty much smooth sailing. Except for the blowouts. 

Through no fault of our own, poop can manage to escape from the best of diaper applications. Disposable diapers are the worst: no matter if you are sized appropriately, using a bigger size to hopefully make room in the diaper for that special load, fastened tight enough or loose enough, spent twice as much for that 'best diaper out there,' or just went for it with the cheap-o store brand version. In my estimate, at least 7 out of every 10 poops escape from those disposable diapers. Poop takes the path of least resistance - and if that is out the leg hole or up the back, then that is exactly where it will go, absorbency be damned. Cloth diapers have a much higher success rate at keeping the poop in, but they are not a vault, and it sometimes comes out anyway - especially the night diapers, which seem to reach their capacity about an hour before your child wakes up in the morning. 

So, where is this great mommy blog tip? Well, it's threefold.

  1. Use Cloth Diapers: I know, I know it seems scary and like more trouble than it's worth. We've been using cloth diapers since Ophelia was big enough to fit in her smalls. And they are awesome and I'm guessing that we've saved somewhere in the neighborhood of $3000 at this point. Stay tuned for a feature blog post about our journey in using Cloth Diapers. 
  2. Use a Diaper Cover: If you just can't bring yourself to use cloth, or you do use it most of the time, but end up using disposables now and then, I have to recommend using a Diaper Cover over your disposable. Especially at night. If the poop is seeking a way to freedom, the Diaper Cover will keep it locked safely in the diaper zone. We like Bummi's Super Brights, but there are a ton of great Diaper Covers out there. Just last night we found ourselves out of night diapers (oops!) and ended up using a Super Bright cover over a pull-up for Ophelia. Worked like a charm. 
  3. Use Fleece: Yes, fleece. This is not going to completely contain the mess every time, but it will help. Fleece pants at nap time. Fleece jammies at bed time. Fleece is like the synthetic version of wool: it repels moisture. So if that moisture is coming from the inside, it tends to stay on the inside. If you go about the interwebs searching for cloth diapering goodies, you will even come across the lovely Fleece Longies - which are long pants intended to be used as (gasp) a Diaper Cover. Anywho - so even if your diaper blows out, at least it is more likely to be contained inside the fleece clothing, and not all over the bedding or other furniture. When we put Ophelia in for her afternoon naps, we always put on fleece sweatpants in lieu of her regular outfit for the day. 
Hope this make your day brighter and your laundry load less. Happy Diapering!


Alexis said...

While I have been lucky in that my only major blow-outs happened during the "rotovirus incident of 2008", but the idea of a diaper cover at night is still a great idea. Does it help for little girls who wet through a diaper and a doubler on a regular basis? While poop containment has not been an issue, my kids can pee like crazy...TMI? Maybe, but I would love a solution...maybe additional cloth inserts...some of those cool "soakers" I see to knit? I just need something for at night...

Heidi Maxwell said...

Wool Soakers are supposed to be fab for night. Not only do they keep wet in, but they breathe and are naturally antibacterial. Plus, you don't have to wash them unless them get pooped on. They do require lanolizing and re-lanolizing, but this is fairly simple. And you could totally put an extra absorbency layer in there between the disposable and the Cover. A medium microfiber will hold 12 ounces of fluid! Hemp inserts are less bulky and absorb a ton.

Alexis said...

Awesome I will look into those. I figure if I knit them up for Charlie then Lizzie can just use them when she hits this stage, though with her sleeping almost the 7pm-7am full night I may need them sooner rather than later!

Mom's Place said...

I love cloth! I rarely have blow outs with my cloth diapers!!! So nice considering all the ones we had with disposables!

Stop by sometime, you have an award ;)


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