Poopy Monday

Sometimes even a list can't keep your Monday from going to shit...

1. Rowan wakes up poopy. Horrid diaper rash results.
2. Ophelia wakes up poopy. Mild diaper rash results. Also, poop has leaked and the jammies are poopy too.
3. I had to use a freaking PLUNGER to flush my own business down this morning. Lovely, I know.
4. Another poopy diaper for Rowan at play group. Still looks like someone set off napalm down there, poor thing.
5. A mom at the bouncy house has a kiddo who is so excited, he craps his pants. Literally. Thankfully there are a billion mommies with wipes and dipes to lend a hand.
6. Rowan poops again when we get home. No rest for that poor behind.
7. Ophelia takes a nap! YAY! ... and wakes up REALLY poopy. The rash is worse. And not only is there poop in the sweatpants, but also poop on the pillow. Super YAY!
8. Mom tries again. Mom calls for the Plunger. Again. (WTH??)
9. Rowan has now managed to poop in EVERY diaper today. How on earth is this rash supposed to get any better?
10. Dad comes home. Now the master bathroom is on temporary quarantine.
11. We think we are in the clear, but no - another late night poop for Rowan brings her poop count to SIX for the day. The rash is not getting better, despite Better Butt Balm and Tea Tree Oil and Oatmeal treatments. I manage to find some disposables crammed into a crevice of the diaper bag so I can spackle her ass with some high octane butt paste.

Ahhhh, crap.



Alexis said...

Ah yes, a literal shit storm.., been there and I am sorry!

My word verification is "cheek em"..blogger is omniscient!

abdpbt said...

Poop is big around here lately, too. But not just the literal stuff, also just talking about poop, e.g. "Hi, Poopy Mommy and Poopy Daddy." I guess he's transitioning into his anal phase, eh?


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