Separation Anxiety

Baby Separation Anxiety

Definition: When it feels as if you haven't put your baby down in at least a month without her screaming her poor little head off like you are leaving the country forever without her

Seriously. I am going to have a HUGE left arm from hanging on to this little tank all day every day. Thankfully she loves to be wrapped and I love the Moby - so I do carry her every day in that and it helps take the load off. And she will sit and play on the floor or in the exersaucer for short periods, but only if I am in direct line of sight and not making any sudden movements which could be construed as leaving the country forever without her. 

I haven't taken a single shower in at least 3 weeks without having to listen to the poor child scream and carry on and make herself sick because she just knows that there is a secret exit out of the shower and that I am definitely leaving the country forever without her and never ever coming back again ever.

I have been playing peek-a-peeks and mini games of hide and seek and hide the toy to help her with the idea of object permanence. You know, the idea that just because you can't see a thing doesn't mean that it is gone gone gone forever and ever and I will never see it again panic panic freak out and scream!!!

So if you've tried to hold Rowan lately and you aren't me, I apologize for all of the screaming and carrying on. It will pass eventually and we aren't worried as we know this is just a normal part of baby development. This type of attachment is actually a sign that her attachment to mommy is a healthy one, believe it or not! Even if it means that my left arm will be freakishly strong compared to my right one from having to tote her about all day until she is ready to "do it by self," as Ophelia would say it.

And if you are having these issues with your own baby, check out this great site I found today: Just The Facts, Baby! This particular article is written by Elizabeth Pantly, author of The No Cry Sleep Solution


Mom's Place said...

Oh no!!!! I hate when that happens. Have you tried Bag Balm for the rashes??? You can use it when CDing, but you need to make sure you are washing with HOT water. :( poor mom, poor baby bums!


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