Green With Envy

OK, one more set of photos of my girls in yet one more set of matching Tie Dye shirts! Both my girls and my camera were acting up, so there are really only about 2 good shots in this small batch, but I'm sharing them all anyway. 
Here you can see Ophelia's delight in playing with Jim. You can also see her black eye from falling and hitting her face on the shape sorter. Don't worry, it definitely looks worse now. "I got a shiner on my eye, mom." 

"Hey! If you are going to just leave me in this chair, at least set me up with some more to eat!" (I don't have a shiner, but my eyes ARE very shiny today.)

Here are the rest. None are fab, and some are even blurry. Enjoy.


In other Tie Dye news, here is a sneak preview of the blog page for Fit To Be Dyed. It's Jim's mom's Tie Dye business. Baby and Toddler Tie Dye, Custom Tie Dye, and On Site Tie Dye. This is simply the custom background that I created for her blog. With the custom logos I created for the business. 

Fit To Be Dyed: Let Your Light Shine



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