HTML Saturday

Between taking advantage of the great weather by going for a 3 mile walk with both girls and The Big Dog, having a friend over for a few minutes an hour and a half, lunch, naps, diaper explosions, laundry, and making homemade pizza, I managed to do some HTML editing today! YAY!

You may notice that now you have the option to share my posts with the world! Or at least your world. If you share my world with your world, theoretically, my world will grow and grow. And that's kind of the point. I have used an HTML add on called AddThis to include this in each of my posts. Now, with merely a click, you can Facebook it, MySpace it, send it to Google, email it, save it to Favorites, print it, or Tweet it. And if you hover over the nifty {+ Share} bit, you get a huge toolbox with other ways to share. And a link on how you can get this code for yourself from AddThis.

You may also notice that my LinkWithin is no longer visible on my main page. It will still appear on each individual blog page, but now the main page is no longer cluttered with a billion extra links. It was accomplished with a simple command. I found the How To at This Guy's Blog

I also did these things on my Craft Blog

Now, it's time to see if my dough has risen and to bake off those pizzas.

Midnight update: More HTML tinkering this evening! My Twitter updates will now only show up on the bottom of the home page and not at all on the individual post pages. My Other Maxwell Blog links are now in the sidebar, as is the Blogger Logo, which will be moved down at some point in the near future. I removed my Profile Widget and added an 'about me' page on the header menu. I also added a disclosure policy page (just in case I ever actually get to do a sponsored review of something here) to this header menu as well. I was tempted to add a Contact Me page, but all of the free widgets I could find seemed to generate a lot of Ad Spam for anyone who used the form, so I'm sticking to a simple mailto HTML link for that. Now, if only I could find some code that would help Rowan sleep in her own bed for more than 20 minutes at a time. 



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