A Truly List-Less Monday

Well, not really. I did have a huge grocery list, but that wouldn't be very interesting to read, now would it? Normally Monday brings our weekly Attachment Parenting Playgroup. The plan was to hit the Dinosaur Playground for a few hours. Unfortunately, a bout of Montana Spring Weather knocked on our door with a little rain, a little snow, a wee bit of sun, and a blast of hail. So instead, we hit the grocery store for a much needed restocking of fridge and pantry. It's amazing how thoroughly a man can clean out your food stores when left home alone for two weeks! About all we had left when I returned from my trip to Wyoming was some moldy pudding, stale moldy bread ends, about a teaspoon of coffee, and 3 brown bananas.

Wyoming trip recap: Grandma and Grandpa came up from Casper on Monday, March 8th to get the girls and I and bring us back to their place. (My car is just not up for long journeys anymore: so sad!) Grandpa Tom was supposed to have been heading to Alaska for a stint on The North Slope, but lucky for us, he ended up getting to stay in the lower 48 for almost a whole extra week. We more or less hung out, visited, ate good food, played, went to the playground, tie dyed, and did a bit of shopping - all while working around their kitchen - which is in the process of being remodeled. Which meant no way to cook or do dishes normally the entire time. On day 5, Rowan began throwing up and having diarrhea. The runs tapered off after about 2 days, but we had vomiting until the morning we left Casper. So that was real fun. And on the third day of this lovely gift, I also got this Virus with a Vengeance for about 24 hours. Then Grandma got it. And then Aunt Megan got it. Thankfully, Ophelia was never inflicted and now we are all healthy again! YAY! About 2 days before we left, Rowan decided that allowing Aunt Megan, Uncle Mike, and Grandma to hold her wasn't all that bad. At least for a few minutes - and as long as she could still touch see me. Little turd. On Saturday, Grandma drove us to Billings, where we met up with Jim, who got us the rest of the way home. It is a miracle that we all fit in the Subaru with the mountain of stuff that we brought down there with us. Grandpa's Volvo really is a LOT roomier than the Outback by a LONG shot!

Now we are home, unpacked, restocked, and back in the swing of things. Be on the lookout for photos of babies in matching Tie Dye, Toddler and Mommy Crafts, and a Review of the Chico Bag DayPack.



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