10 Little Things that Lead to a Happier, Healthier You


I'm not an expert here, but I can tell you what works for me. And boy, oh boy, could I use a "happier, healthier me." Between recovering from two pregnancies in two years, not getting enough sleep at night since I got pregnant the first time around (pregnancy insomnia PLUS babies that don't sleep? DOUBLE Woot!), and never seeming to have a moment to myself, I've found that those little things I do can really add up. And Twittermoms is giving us a chance to blog about it, so here is the dish: 
  1. Water. Drink it. Not tons, but enough. And try to make it actual water. Pretty much anything else with anything in it can have an adverse effect on your body, not to mention the added calories that can weigh you down. I find that a good way to make sure I'm getting enough is to drink a glass right there at the sink, then refill and take the second glass with me. 
  2. Coffee. Or Tea. Drink it. One cup in the morning can give you that pick me up you need to start that crazy mama engine revving. And it doesn't even have to have caffeine! Just that time spent having a nice warm (or iced, in my case) beverage that you don't have to share with your babies is all I need to reset for another day. 
  3. Breakfast. Eat it. It doesn't have to be elaborate. You don't even need to be sitting down to eat it. Just get some calories in you before you leave the station in the morning. Believe me, you will need the energy! Something simple and under 400 calories is a great way to break the fast and get your metabolism going. 
  4. Get Out! Of the house. Whether it's something for your kids, something for your household, or even something just for you, get out of the house in the mornings. When we don't have business to take care of or play groups to be at, I love just taking the girls for a walk around the neighborhood or to the local park. 
  5. Eat! Again? Yes!! Healthy snacks can keep you going and give you that boost of energy you need to get through your day. A piece of fruit is always a good go to for between meals. Donuts are easy to grab too, but you might be feeling a crash a lot sooner than you want to! 
  6. Shop Local. Local Yokel. Local products are always fresher and healthier for you. Hit the local Farmer's Markets or Food Coops to find local items in your area. 
  7. Eat Fresh. Fresh foods are easy, healthy, and make you feel good about what you are eating. No one needs guilt and stress with any meal. It just makes it harder to digest. 
  8. Go Natural. No, not nakie, just natural. Change up just one product in your home to something natural or organic. We have been using hand crafted natural soaps in our shower for almost 2 years now. I love that there aren't any harmful chemicals getting all over us and down the drain. And the smell is invigorating! 
  9. Do your housework! Clean your ass off. Literally. You can burn 75-125 calories for every half hour of moderate housework you do. And if you get outside, stuff like shoveling snow and yard work ramp that up to 170-200. Plus, it feels good to get things done. 
  10. Yoga. This is more personal. For me, yoga is the ultimate happy hour. It makes my body and my mind feel wonderful. Find an exercise that makes you happy and try to do it a few times a week! 
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