The Baby Book of Weaning: Review

Your Guide To Feeding Your Baby Solid Food

I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to review an advance copy of of the ebook "The Baby Book of Weaning." Adam and Kiera Pedley of Natural Parenting Tips have put together a very concise and informative guide to the Baby Led Weaning approach to feeding your baby solid food. 

Baby Led Weaning is the concept that you can introduce solid foods to your baby without the intermediate step of introducing purees and spoon fed cereals. When babies are ready, they are able to feed themselves 'baby finger food' instead of being spoon fed. This not only allows your baby to eat at their own pace, to their own tastes, and for their own appetite, it also allows your baby to explore food and all of its sensory goodness!   

I know, I know - I can hear the big question: "But won't my baby choke on solid food?" Well, there is always the possibility of choking. Even with pureed foods. As a matter of fact, the risk of choking is actually HIGHER with purees than with solid foods. When we spoon feed our babies, we can push food to the back of their tongue, bypassing their natural gag reflex. Babies are built to have a very good and very sensitive gag reflex. By allowing babies to feed themselves, they learn to use their gag reflex and in the process, learn how to manipulate food in their mouths. Babies who feed themselves often gag and even throw up, especially when first starting out, but they rarely choke. There is an excellent section in this book dedicated entirely to choking and gagging. 

This book is an excellent guide to feeding your baby. With sections on Healthy Eating Tips, Common Food Allergens, Getting Started feeding your baby, Integrating feeding your baby with the rest of the family,  Introducing utensils, and Creating Healthy Relationships with food, you are walked step by step through the process of Baby Led Weaning. There is a great list of First Foods for you and your baby to try. And while I rarely plan more than a day or two myself, the organizational nut in me really liked the weekly meal planner included at the end of the book. You could even print this out and laminate it so you could use it over week after week! 

As a parent who has loosely followed the precepts of Baby Led Weaning with both of my babies without really realizing what I was doing, I wish I had had this book sooner! I think I would have proceeded with more confidence in feeding my babies. Neither one of my girls has shown any interest in being spoon fed aside from that very first time I tried it (I'm sure it was all about the novelty of it that first time). When Ophelia was a baby she just would not eat anything offered to her on a spoon. But when I started giving her bits and pieces of things to pick up and feed herself she was overjoyed to eat! Rowan is the same way. She loves to pick up food and smoosh it in her fat little fingers. I love the look in her eyes when she is able to put tasty bits in her mouth and explore new tastes and textures. And she loves sitting in her chair and eating with the rest of the family! 

One bonus of following The Baby Book of Weaning and feeding our baby the food that we eat is that I've realized that sometimes we don't eat all that healthy as a family. When we sit down to a meal and I realize that I'm not willing to feed my baby any of what is on my own plate, I know I've not done a good job at feeding myself either. It has helped me to prepare healthier and fresher meals for the entire family, not just our baby. 

I love letting my baby learn to eat by exploring food on her own. It's actually easier to feed her this way, as I don't have to break from eating my own meal in order to spoon feed her hers. I know that she is still getting most, if not all, of her nutrition from breastmilk, so I don't worry if all she eats at breakfast is a few bits of fruit and ends up wearing her yogurt on her head. One of the great mottos found in this book is "Until they are one, food is for fun!" 

"The Baby Book of Weaning" is available for purchase at The Baby Book of Weaning for the price of $9.95. When you purchase this ebook, you will get two fantastic bonuses:

Baby Led Weaning Recipes

Retro Recipes: Recipes from Nanna's Kitchen

You can find many tips and ideas for the Baby Led Weaning approach as well as for other Gentle Parenting methods at Natural Parenting Tips


I received a free advance copy of The Baby Book of Weaning, as well as the bonus recipe books in order to do this review. The views expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced in any way by the authors or by Natural Parenting Tips.


Grandma said...

I wish I had a baby again - this Baby Led Weaning is certainly a great idea and I am sure that many a mama is successfully feeding healthy and nutricious food to their babies without the use of a spoon. I am sure there is much to learn by reading this book which provides a real alternative to what our grandma;s used to do. As Mikey said "try it , you'll like it"


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