Happy Earth Day!


Happy Earth Day everyone! We are generally pretty green year round, so when posed with the question "What are you doing for Earth Day?" we have been saying "Nothing special. Maybe we will plant some seeds in our mini greenhouse." Well, it's almost 4 pm and we haven't busted out the gardening stuff yet, so it doesn't look like we will be planting today. Maybe tomorrow. 

However, we did end up spending about 2 hours outside this morning. There was a special event for kids at the Bozeman Public Library and we were pleasantly surprised when we stumbled across it this morning. We played with blocks, play dough, and flubber indoors, and then headed outside for bubbles, frisbees, sidewalk chalk, and fun running around. 

So what do you do on your Earth Day? Is this your one big day to 'think green' and do something good for the environment (Hey! Even a little is better than nothing!) Or are you EXTRA green today - doing something super special like planting a tree or doing community clean up? Or do you just play it like any normal day because you are a crunchy green mama all year round? 

If the whole concept of 'green' is new for you, check out a few items that we like that not only make our life easier, but a bit greener in the process:
Happy Earth Day!


Alexis said...

Charlie, Grandma and Daddy went to Mt. Trashmore an awesome playground, skate park and running loop built on an old landfill. Sounds crazy but it is beautiful and I think it was kind of in the spirit since it is a great re-purposing of the landfill space into a wonderful community center.

Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 3) said...

Happy earth Day. We use cloth diapers to!


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