Zestra® Review

Essential Arousal Oils™

Are you ready for a rush? Women everywhere are getting the Zestra Rush™!

Through my Twittermoms connections and the generous people at Flair Media, I was recently given the opportunity to try a sample of Zestra® Essential Arousal Oils™. 

Zestra® is exactly what it says it is. It is a blend of botanical essential oils and extracts that, when applied topically (yes, to your lady bits), enhances your sensitivity to touch, making your feelings of sexual arousal much more intense. It is patented and has been clinically proven to be effective in increasing a woman's feelings of arousal and desire. Even doctors and women's health practitioners are recommending it to their patients. 

I know that there are many questions associated with a product that comes in contact with your most private bits, and Zestra® has an excellent page on their website that answers them all better than I ever could: Zestra Frequently Asked Questions  Everything from the basics, how to use the product, who it is safe for, and where you can purchase it is covered.

My sample arrived in a discreet mailer from Semprae Laboratories. This company is founded by women and its focus it to create clinically proven women's health products. Inside I found a small box with 4 individual single dose packets. 

While I am not going to treat you to the details of my trial, I have to admit that this product is pretty amazing. Within minutes of applying the oils I began to feel the pleasant sensations that mark the beginnings of a wonderful Rush of pleasure. Um, WOW! 

I will definitely be using this product again. But not until I am through with breast feeding our daughter. I am postive that there are no immediate side effects, but after I tried the first sample, I read a bit more and realized that Zestra® is not recommended for use by pregnant or lactating women, as it has not been studied in those populations.  Oops! It is also contraindicated for anyone who has a known allergy to any of the ingredients and for anyone who has a yeast infection or other irritation of the genital area. 

So - if you are not in this very small population of women for whom Zestra® is not recommended, I highly recommend that you give it a try! This is an over the counter product and can be purchased at select stores, including Wal-Mart, KMart, Target, Meijer, and Rite Aid. You can also purchase it online through Zestra's very own website. BUY IT NOW! It's a bit spendy, but you can get a free sample (you pay shipping costs) and there are a few places online where you can get a discount or find coupon codes to use. 

Happy Humping! 


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