ChicoBag™ Produce Stand Collection: Review and Giveaway!

Review and Giveaway

The Produce Stand Starter Kit

Back in March I was fortunate to be able to do a review of ChicoBag™ Reusable bags. After writing that review, the ChicoBag company contacted me and provided me with the opportunity to review their brand new line of reusable produce bags: The Produce Stand Collection.

If you know me, then you know I am always looking for a way to use reusable products instead of single use products. The one place I was always running up against this was in the produce and the bulk goods sections at the supermarket. Here I have this fantastic stash of reusable grocery sacks, but I end up using those filmy plastic sacks to put my produce and bulk items in. Eventually, I simply resorted to not using any bags at all for produce and just gently placing all of my produce in the cart - and then making the checker's head spin at the checkout as I had to pull each individual piece out of the cart and put it on the conveyor belt.

Chicobag™ to the rescue! These produce bags are awesome! Each bag is 12.5" wide and 16" tall. They are each made of a different material: hemp; RePETe, and RePETe/mesh. Each bag is designed for a different type of fruit and vegetables depending on whether it needs to retain moisture or let it out or to allow air flow. They have a double drawstring closure which can double as a carrying handle. Of course, you can always put your bagged produce into a ChicoBag™ reusable grocery sack to carry it home as well! This handy trio of bags folds up neatly and fits into a cute and handy pouch that looks like an apple. There is even a bit of elastic attached to each bag to help keep the bag nicely folded. 

The Produce Stand Collection and Stuff Sack

The Produce Stand Collection by ChicoBag™

The first bag in this very cool collection is the Hemp Produce Bag. It is a blend of 70% hemp and 30% cotton. It is designed to restrict airflow and absorb excess moisture and it is perfect for leafy greens and green beans. It is a natural, clean bag and would also be great for transporting bulk items like flour, rice, or cornmeal. 

The next bag in line is the green RePETe bag. This great material is made from 99% recycled content. It restricts airflow and locks moisture in, so it's is great for squash, broccoli, carrots, and celery. Yogurt raisins or cashews would also love a ride home in this bag! 

The final bag in line is RePETe on one side and mesh on the other and is again made from 99% recycled content. The mesh side allows ethylene gas to escape, which will help keep your apples, oranges, potatoes, and onions fresh.  

I really enjoyed being able to bag my produce in my very own reusable bags. I knew they were clean, they helped protect my produce from the cart and other items in my cart (like my toddler making a grab for the lettuce), and it made it much easier to check out and to unload my produce again when I arrived home. And the checker didn't seem to mind at all that I had multiple types of produce in each bag. He just pulled things out to weigh or scan them and popped them back in. And my toddler loved having the responsibility of keeping tabs on the little apple stuff sack (which has a handy clip on it so you can attach it wherever you'd like) - she even decided it would make a great snack bag and put some cheesy bunnies in there to munch on while we shopped. 

One thing I would love to see, perhaps, is a cheat sheet on the tag on each bag. Once I was at the store, I totally forgot which bag was to be used for which type of produce. Turns out, I got it all backward. I'm sure I will get the hang of it the more I use them. And really, unless you are going to store your fruits and veges in the bags when you get home, I suppose it really doesn't matter which one you use. 

Another thing I would love to see are bags that are specifically designed and suitable for bulk food items. 

My haul from the produce section. The RePETe bag is loaded up with 3 kinds of onions. Whoops, wrong bag for that! 

Lettuce, Asparagus, and Avocado in the Mesh bag (totally not the right bag for these items, but they made it home very nicely, thank you!)

Apples and Pears in the Hemp bag. They should have been in the mesh, but they made it home to the fruit basket without perishing. And without plastic. 

WHERE TO BUY: You can purchase the Produce Stand Collection Starter Kit as well as 3-packs of each of the Hemp, RePETe, and Mesh RePETe bags at the ChicoBag™ website. The RePETe and Mesh RePETe bags come in orange and plum as well as the green you see on this page. 



ChicoBag™ is giving away 10 Produce Stand Collection Starter Kits to 10 lucky blog readers. They are hosting this giveaway on their BagMonster Blog page. 

TO ENTER: Click here! 

There are two ways to enter and you can do one or both of them!

Please also leave a comment here to let me know that you visited and entered their giveaway! This is not a requirement to enter the ChicoBag™ giveaway.

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Disclaimer: This review and giveaway is sponsored by ChicoBag™, who provided me with the item above in order to write this review. The review is my honest opinion based on my experience using the product and has not been reviewed or edited by ChicoBag™.


Shanti69 said...

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Grandma said...

I just love this reusable line by Chico - Veggie Stand bags for using when buying produce at your local grocery or farm stand. Love the colors and the apple stuff bag to store your bags in when not in use is cute! I entered the contest at Bag Monster and sure do hope I win.

Cindy said...

I posted on FB and their blog, would love to win these!!

QueenB said...

I'm entering now!

SSJmom said...

I entered both on FB and in their blog!!

I saw these in the store the other day, a lady was using them and I almsot wanted to steal them. They are very large!!


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