Free Your Mind Friday: So much to do, so little time.

  1. We had a great Mom's Night Out this week! On Tuesday, I got together with 5 of my mama homies and we hit Sola Cafe and crocheted some Tawashi. Well, we started crocheting. I think Erika got hers done. But we had a great time. 3 hours flew by so fast. 
  2. Back in March some guy came a knockin' on our door selling these auto repair punch cards. Usually I tell people like this to take a hike, but fortunately, I listened to this guy. And I bought the card. I went and got my car serviced this morning - full service oil change (not just the quickie in and out and you never know how much 'service' you really got) and a tire rotation. It did take longer because the guy doesn't have anyone helping him, but the service was awesome. And it cost me $12. 
  3. The last asshat who serviced my car never put the transmission fluid dipstick back in after checking it. So I had to go to a real live salvage yard to get one for my vintage 1991 Exploder. Another $10. 
  4. While waiting for my car this morning, I took the girls for a nice 1 hour walk with snacks included along the way. We also skipped, hopped, and galloped in the parking lot, jumped over puddles, read license plates, and saw a real live horse in a trailer who kept neighing really loud. Ophelia thought that was pretty cool. She also thought the backhoe digging dirt was pretty cool. She also thought peeing in the kid potty in the back of my car was pretty cool. 
  5. Ophelia will not go pee on any potty that is bigger than a training potty. One of those damn auto flushers at the store scared her a while back and now she won't sit on a big potty anymore. (aka "The Big Scary Flusher") I have started putting the kid potty in the car when we go out. Holy hassle. Need to find me a good portable kid potty. The one I really like is discontinued. Grrrr. 
  6. Jim mowed the lawn today and it smells all fresh and green! 
  7. I received 4 wool dryer balls from Buddha Bunz (mom sent them for my birthday) today. They are purple and they smell like lemongrass! Sort of makes me want to do some laundry. Sort of. 
  8. I have 4 reviews to write tonight and I can barely keep my eyes open right now. Even after taking a 2 hour nap with Rowan. 
  9. Tomorrow I am heading back out to Four Corners to the hardware store that is going out of business to get some lumber on the cheap to make our raised beds for the garden. The goal is to get the raised beds in this weekend so I can plant throughout the week. This will require Jim to move some rock and pull some weeds for me. I better make sure my drill is all charged up. 
  10. Tomorrow is also the Pete's Hill Hustle. It's a 5K to benefit the Children's Museum of Bozeman, of which we are members. It's also supposed to rain like crazy. I'd love for Jim to take O for the 1/2 K kid's run while I roll with R in the roller for the 5K (not running - I am not that crazy). Not sure at all that this will come to fruition. Oh - and it's 70's themed - so even if we were to just hang out and watch, it would likely be a rocking good time. 
  11. I have been doing a bit of sewing lately. Finished a cute set of pants and hats for the girls, made some fleece 'lily pads' for O to jump about on, made a fleece soaker and a cotton fitted diaper for Rowan, and am in the process of replacing elastic on 6 diapers. I also have 4 flannel fitteds that I need to put elastic in and velcro on. And a purse and wristlet to make for GG Marie. Oy. 
  12. Big girls. Rowan is such a little big girl! She loves to eat - and I mean anything she can get her little paws on. She loves to walk (cruise). And she wants to be wherever Ophelia is. Ophelia does her best to get away from Rowan and keep her things out of Rowan's reach. It's pretty funny to watch until O totally melts down over it all. Speaking of big girls, yesterday we finally took the bar off of O's chair. It has gone though it's final conversion. It went from high chair to booster chair to toddler chair. As her legs get longer, we can move the footboard down to accommodate that. Rowan's feet dont' reach the footboard on it's highest setting. Heh. 
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Grandma said...

I learn so much by reading your Friday Posts that we do not share when we speak on the phone. How are the dryer balls working out? No bar for Ophelia and I could die laughing watching Rowan stalk her big Sister - Ophelia's life will never be the same. And to think Rowan is only 10 months old - Ha!

Heidi Maxwell said...

Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you that! O is pretty excited not to have the bar there anymore.

That poor hardware store didn't have anything we needed, so we went to Kenyon Noble (huge local store) and got all the lumber and hardware. And a birdfeeder and bird seed too. We set that up today. O is excited to see the birds eating.

We bailed on the Pete's Hill Hustle because it was snowing. Blech!

I got 4 of the 9 raised beds built and some rocks moved. Hope to do more this afternoon. It's actually nice out right now, although I think it will rain again this evening.


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