Free Your Mind Friday: Sulky much?

  • The Babes in Bozeman Expo is coming up next Saturday. While I am prepared and it should be no biggie, I'm starting to get nervous. I will be selling baby and toddler tie dye for my MIL's business: Fit To Be Dyed. I will be there all day. With Rowan. And no one else to help me.
  • Tomorrow is mother's day. And I'm convinced that my husband has no idea of this fact. :(
  • Next Sunday is my birthday. And I'm convinced that my husband has no idea of this fact. :(
  • Hardly anyone has visited or commented on my blog this week, even though there is a giveaway going for some really awesome kid snacks. :(
  • Today (Saturday) is Fiber Day, and I wish I could go and spend the whole day and do all of the workshops, but I had to settle for a quick browse, as I ended up having to take both girls with me.
  • Every person at Fiber Day was uber impressed that I was babywearing BOTH of my girls. Rowan was in a front carry in the Moby wrap with Ophelia on my back the Ergo.
  • Went to my third week of yoga on Thursday night and Gloria kicked my butt. My abs are killing me. Probably should download that krihya and do it again and again. Because the pain means it's working, right?
  • I have new neighbors. The 'dudes' that used to live next door were finally officially evicted from the foreclosed upon house before Christmas. It has been vacant until early this week when a married couple of Chiropractors from Canada moved in. They were making strange noises with lacrosse sticks last night. And I saw a great huge pile of fake ducks in their yard the other day.
  • The Calendar says May, but the weather around here says early March. I am terrified to even think about gardening with the weather the way it's been.
  • I have a shitload of gardening to do. Beginning with making raised beds for the main plot, herb plot, and long strip plot. I have been starting some plants indoors - a few herbs (please pronounce this Herbs - like Jamie Oliver - because it makes me giggle a bit), some sunflowers, pumpkins, and squashes. Going to purchase the more delicate plants like tomatoes, peppers and cukes this year. There is still So.Much.To.Do!
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charley said...

happy mother's day. your new blog is looking amazing! hope you can get your garden on soon. good luck with selling the tye dyes next week. let us know how it goes.

Cindy said...

I am nervous about next weekend too. Super stressed out as I only have two mama's helping me out and basically no one to demonstrate.
I am pretty sure my hubby also forgot about Mother's Day, which doesn't surprise me as I have yet to receive a birthday gift on time (ever) and he even forgot our anniversary once.
Sorry about the not posting, I have read though! ;o)
Cheer up, we all have our sulky days.
Positive side: I am super stoked about your stitching party for the mama's!
Love you Heidi. Happy Mother's Day.

Heidi Maxwell said...

Thanks Cha! I'm excited for gardening, just not ready yet. And the weather isn't ready either. I'm going to update the Tie Dye blog this week and post links to it so everyone can get a good preview.

Cindy - I'm totally stoked for the Tawashi Party too! Hope we get a good turn out, as it will be fun!

Jim never forgets our anniversary - seeing as it's on his birthday. He definitely needs reminders for everything else though.

Happy Mother's Day!

Alexis said...

Hmmm...You will do great at the expo, Rowan will be a wonderful model and the best sales pitch ever!

Double baby wearing is awesome, I would love to try it, but feel I need to be in better shape before I lug close to 60 lbs of kid...good job!

As for the neighbors, I would be very concerned about the fake ducks...Chiropractors from Canada (aye?) and fake ducks...there is a joke in here somewhere.

PS I wish you a Happy Mother's Day even if no one else does!

Heidi Maxwell said...

Ha Ha Alexis! Let's just hope they aren't quacks. !!!

Jim and Ophelia made me a lovely card for Mother's Day - PLUS a really funny e-card. And Jim did the shopping and made bagels and bacon for brunch. And I got to sew a bit too. So, pretty good day so far!

Happy Mother's Day to all!


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