Free Your Mind Friday: YAY! I'm almost 40!

  1. I'll be 38 on Sunday. I had to actually do the math to figure out just how old I was going to be. I never really thought I'd get to the point where I'd have to say, "Wait! How old AM I?" But there you have it. 
  2. I just received my first Birthday present - a pair of FitFlops. Now, I've only been wearing them every single minute since I unboxed those suckers - and I know that is still less than 24 hours, but I swear I can feel my butt working harder with every step. Or it could be the giant hill we hiked up and over and back over again yesterday. (Seriously, I think I'm going to love these things.)
  3. I had a total melt down yesterday because no one showed up to Fit Parents Club except me. Well, and the person who runs it - but she was inside and I didn't see her, so she doesn't count. Any SAHM will know how much getting to hang out with other adults can give your day a boost. I was totally looking forward to the adult interaction. Heck, I can exercise by myself any day! Turns out, that the hike (3 miles) over Pete's Hill and back was pretty good even by ourselves. And we hit Bogert Park playground afterwards to boot. And when we got in the car Ophelia said "I had a lot of fun today, mom!" So that kind of made my day. 
  4. That Baby Expo is still looming. I have a sign, banners, business cards, giveaway items, lots and lots of tie dye, order forms, mailing list sign up forms, sales sheets, pens, and a cool envelope to keep my money in. I also have new cool lunchbox thingys to take my lunch with me. I still need to go out and get some change today and finish updating the tie dye blog tonight (with the bajillion photos I've taken of all the tie dye) so that when people look at the business card and decide to go check out said blog, they encounter more than a pretty background. Oh - and I still have to photograph all of the tea towels and flatfold diapers when my camera battery recharges. 
  5. Jim is involved in a major fund raising thing for Speech and Debate. Which involves him being gone all afternoon today and all day Saturday and Sunday. While I understand that he probably won't be having a whole lot of fun either, and that this one big event could earn them all the cash they need for their trip to nationals in June, I'm still a bit peeved that:
      1. I will have no extra help with the girls this weekend - please see #4 above for why it would be real nice to have extra help this weekend.
      2. It's my birthday weekend! And I want to go do something! Damnation!
      3. Home alone (with kids, of course) all day on my birthday? Damnation! 
  6. Alexis got a new car and I am totally jealous! 
  7. Just how many times a day can your toddler make you want to pull your hair out? Let me count the ways! Please let me not be that 'mommy who yells all the time!' Deep breath, deep breath, deep breath. 
  8. The 'sweet innocent babe who crawls' is starting to become the 'terror on two hand and two knees who will not stop messing with daddy's CDs, messing with daddy's books, eating strange bits off the floor, or playing in the dog water.' Oh - and she is totally letting go now and standing unsupported! "Look mom! No hands!"
  9. Mom's Night Out is this Tuesday! We haven't had one in ages. I'm hosting this month and we will be meeting at a cool coffee shop and I am going to teach the mamas how to crochet a Tawashi. Totally looking forward to this! 
  10. It's freaking 70ยบ out today! YAY! (Although I'm exhausted and totally swamped with things to do, so we've been stuck inside for most of the day. I promised O that we would go to the little park if she slept at nap time today.) At least I can have all the windows open and get some fresh air circulating through the house.
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Alexis said...

Girl you are a busy bee! I must look into these shoes, my mom-butt could really use some lift! As for the expo, it will be great. Seems like you have the major bits covered and since the product is great, those bad boys will sell themselves. Rowan on the move, oy, I dread when I have two fully mobile units, there is not enough child proofing in the world to outsmart a crawling baby. Sorry about your weekend, I know that we should be over the whole b-day thing at our age, but still, boo to real life getting in the way, boooooooo I say! As for the rest, yeah, I am the mom who yells. today we even busted out a "take a break" chair b/c really, I am fresh out of patience with the hysteria. Its all good, we will make it, keep calm and carry on...

Word capta: Supportit, that's right, we all just gotta support each other in the endless quest for good parenting! Blogger knows best after all! (could also be interpreted at "super tit" but we can overlook that...)

Alicen said...

Heidi those Fitflops do work. Ok well I don't have them specifically but I got the Easytones for my birthday in December and was absolutely shocked to feel they worked!! Even with me being in better shape from my exercise regimen I could still feel them, mainly in my calves!

Oh and now they have Runtones for, you guessed it, RUNNING! Guess what I'll asking for my birthday this year?!! I would love the flip flops but since I'm more of a tennis shoe gal than flip flops I probably wouldn't wear them much anyway.

Alexis you should totally get a pair, any little bit helps! And besides even if it doesn't lift your butt per se you are still involving more muscles and working them harder there for you are burning more calories than walking. WIN WIN!!

Heidi good luck this weekend, I am sure all will be fine and Happy early Birthday!

Mary Beth said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your mom's night! I can really relate to a toddler getting into EVERYTHING! My 1st two boys climbed everything and destroyed everything!
With my 2nd son I had to save my sanity and make our downstairs 100% crazy baby proof. No chairs to climb, no books or cd's to destroy, no wires to chew or lamps to knock over... it was very minimal and kept me from loosing it :) Also made cleaning easier! Baby #3 is not quite mobile yet, but I plan to empty the living room of everything before he is :)


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