Listless Monday: Mommy Tips

Seven Simple Tips
  1. Diaper Blowouts - Cleaning that shit up: Every mom has had it happen at one time or another. The diaper is easy - it either goes in the trash or in the diaper pail. But what to do with that precious outfit that is now covered in poo? Simple. Give it a quick rinse with hot water and then use a bit of bar soap (yep, just regular old hand soap) to scrub out the poo spots. I find that it doesn't require much effort at all. I let the wet clothes hang on our drying rack until the next load of laundry is ready to run.
  2. Bananas: They ripen faster if you leave them all attached in their bunch. So if you want your bananas to last longer, separate them into 'singles.' 
  3. Reheating Pizza: Next time you have a leftover slice to reheat, try putting it in a pan on the stove on low-medium heat. It takes a bit longer, but the crispy crust is fantastic. Way better than slimy mush from the micro, and no cheese dripping down into your toaster oven to burn and stink up the house. 
  4. Sunburned?: Oops. Happened to me today, actually. Didn't put sunscreen on until I was already out in the sun and it proved ineffective. So make sure you put that stuff on about 15 minutes before you head outside. And if you DO get a bit red, reapply that sunscreen after you are home and out of the sun. It helps ease the heat and prevent peeling! Really! 
  5. Fabric Softener Build Up: if you use a dryer sheet or a dryer bar, an invisible layer of fabric softener builds up on the lint screen in your dryer, decreasing the effective drying power and possibly even causing a fire hazard. Do yourself a favor and test it: Take your lint screen out an pour some water over it: if it puddles up on top, you've got buildup. Simply wash it with hot water and mild soap and you are good to go. But remember to check it about once a month! 
  6. Use the Sun as natural bleach: You've no doubt had something in your life get faded out by the sun. Use it to your benefit! I often sun bleach my cloth diapers and am amazed every time at how effective it is. Just hang your stained article of clothing, damp, in the direct sunlight (outside, not through a window) and allow it to dry. I've had diapers that would come out of the wash stained time after time after time. And one hour drying in direct sunlight would turn them white again! 
  7. Out of shaving cream?: Use hair conditioner. Works like a dream. It leaves your legs super soft too! And unless you are using the super spendy salon brand stuff, it's way cheaper than shaving cream too.



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