Free Your Mind Fridays: My Feet Hurt

My Feet Hurt
  1. Whatever the heck hormone is out of balance in my body right now, best figure it out. It happened when Ophelia turned one. Now it's happening again. My hands and feet are experiencing massive  dry, red, painful, skin peeling patches. It's worse on my heels - where the skin is officially cracked. And it hurts to walk. Surprisingly, applying straight breast milk to said patches is actually helping. I would rather, however, that whatever imbalance is causing this would balance the heck out. 
  2. Rowan is climbing. On everything. I have several heart attacks daily because of this. She also seems to have a new bruise on her face every day because going up is way easier than coming down. 
  3. Rowan is kissing. The heart melty factor of this almost balances out the heart attacks from the climbing. Almost.
  4. Cloth Diaper sewing project is well under way. At least half of the old stash is sold or traded off. Materials and patterns for the new diapers are prepped and ready to go. I merely need to cut and sew at this point and my stash will grow to enormous portions again soon. 
  5. Before I sew any diapers for myself, I must sew two custom fitted diapers for the winners of the giveaway on my Facebook Fan page. We hit 200 fans earlier this week and the lucky winner chose a custom fitted. The lucky person who referred the most people to the fan page also chose a custom fitted diaper! I am pretty excited to be making these and to be making someone else's day with some new fluff. 
  6. It's 95ºF outside right now. Flower sprinkler, here we come. Again. 
  7. I haven't blogged in what seems like forever and I feel really crappy about it. I have a load of great giveaways and reviews to post and I feel like I am simply procrastinating. Reality is, I am busier than ever with summer. You would think longer days and having my husband home when he is normally working 16 hours a day would give me more time to blog, but apparently this is not so at all. 
  8. The garlic is ready to be harvested. And that's what I am off to do right now. 
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Alexis said...

The feet thing! Yes! Mine are dying, there is not enough pumice stone and heel balm in the world. They are catching on my Berber carpet (wicked TMI I know, but there you have it!).

As for the blogging...meh, it comes, it goes, that is the glory of working for yourself :)

Stay cool in MT, we were only in the low 90s today and it was bliss, counting the days until fall.


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