Free Your Mind Fridays: The Smoke Monster

The Smoke Monster

  1. We are finally, FINALLY!, down to the last few episodes of LOST. Yes, I realize that the final season ended months ago. Our DVR has been dutifully storing them all this time. Even after such a long hiatus, I am loving every minute of it. Especially Sawyer (you can say 'yum' - I know you can!) and the evil Locke Smoke Monster. 
  2. A literal Smoke Monster has invaded our lovely high mountain valley. Forest fires are burning in Montana and the Jet Stream and inversions and such push and trap the smoke in our valley so that it smells like a giant campfire and it looks like we live in downtown LA with all the smoggity smog and such. I cannot even make out the giant white M that is on the mountainside. We are not venturing out at all today, as the air quality is horrid. 
  3. Napping is a wonderful thing. Both girls are asleep right now, although Rowan is on the nursing pillow on my lap. I SHOULD be joining them, seeing as I only got about 4.5 hours in my own bed last night, but I'm on a roll with the blogging. How do I get Ophelia to sleep you ask? It's still hit or miss, but we are getting more naps than not these days since I started using Badger Balm Night Night for both naps and bed time. 
  4. Dishes are piling up in the sink threatening me to call off dinner tonight. I don't know about you, but I just can NOT cook a meal when the kitchen is all amok. Maybe Jim can do it. Hehe. 
  5. Laundry needs folding and I have no desire. But I am out of baskets and I need clean underpants, so that is next on the list once Rowan wakes up. 
  6. I would rather be sewing than folding or washing dishes. I've been making diapers and a few top secret items that have turned out pretty good. I will reveal them as soon as the recipients receive said items. And then offer a few up to anyone who feels they need one too and can't manage to make one for themselves. I followed Lexi's lead from a few weeks ago and scored myself a few 3 pound remnant bags, so I have some great fabrics (and surprisingly some that coordinate even!) to choose from. 
  7. Our garden is growing. I give it a B- this year. Some good stuff, but not fantastic like my dream garden. But considering the past two seasons have been a solid F, it gets the prize for most improved. If our tomatoes ever turn red, I will give it at least a solid B. 
  8. Poop. I haven't blogged about poop in ages and I'll keep this one short. Ophelia has still not done the deed on the potty yet. But she has gone from "NO! I don't WANT to poop on the potty! Just pees!" to "I'll do it next time, mom. Next time I will poop on the potty." One can only hope. 
  9. Segue to Diapers. I have sold or traded almost all of my old pocket diapers and have mostly fitted diapers and covers now. Keep an eye out on my craft blog in the next week or so for some updates on a few diapers I have made as well as wool covers and pants. The wool, which I had shied away from for so long, is my new obsession. Not only do I love the way it looks, but it works like a dream. It has even inspired me to bust out my knitting needles. ::shock and awe here::
  10. The peaches are finally really in season and they are divine. I am just over half way through a box of Organic White Peaches from COSTCO. I hope I can restrain myself from eating too many in one day. 
  11. I hear thunder. I hope it rains like the dickens and washes some of the smoke out of the air. 
  12. We are now locking our car doors again. I know, I know - in this day and age, who doesn't, right? Well, we haven't for about 2 years now because we live in a nice, mellow neighborhood with cool, chill neighbors. Until 2 nights ago when some asshat went though both my car and Jim's car. They stole my coffee money but left the gas card and all the CDs. We notified the neighbors and the Bozeman Police (who simply said "Lock your cars up." Um, OK!) and now we are all on high alert. 
  13. If you haven't noticed, I'm blogging again. Stay tuned for more blogging and more reviews and a few more giveaways. 
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