Giveaway Scout!

A Giveaway Search Engine

If you love entering giveaways or if you publish your own blog giveaways and need more exposure, this site is a great resource. Blogs that are subscribed have their giveaways posted on the Giveaway Scout web page, their newsletter, on their Facebook and Twitter pages, and in their custom blog widgets.  Like this one:

If you are a personal subscriber, you can receive updates when new giveaways are posted to the network. Or you can put a widget on your blog or on your own iGoogle page to keep up with all of the newest giveaways. As a blog subscriber, your giveaways are given the exposure of the entire Giveaway Scout Network - without having to jump all over the net to enter them in individual linky posts on other blogs.

I just joined the network today. If you are interested too, click HERE!



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