Blog Updates and a Giveaway!


I haven't made any real major updates, but there are a few minor changes I thought I'd point out. 
  • First and foremost, I have posted a page link to my official Giveaway Rules. If you ever enter a giveaway on this blog, I suggest you check them out. As well as the Disclosure Policy that's up there as well!
  • I have been slowly adding affiliates to places and products that I really like. This helps to A) Promote these businesses and B) earn me a bit of commission if you click through my affiliate links and also make a purchase. No pressure, but if you shop at Amazon, think of me please! 
  • I have updated my blog roll. There are now two! The main one has blogs that I read: everything from cloth diapering to parenting to mombloggers. Anything that interests me, really. There are more than just the 10 that are showing too - so if you are really that interested, just click 'show all' and you will be stuck in front of your computer reading blogs until the end of time. The other blog roll has blogs that are primarily giveaway blogs - or blogs where I have entered giveaways myself. This will make it easy to see who's giving away what and also keep the other blog roll a bit cleaner. Say, if you don't really care about reviews and giveaways. 
  • I have added milestone giveaways to my repertoire. The first milestone is 100 followers. The giveaway is as follows:
100 Follower Giveaway

I've posted this on my Facebook Fan Page, but I thought I should officially post it here as well. 

When I reach 100 Followers on this blog, I will be giving away a custom wetbag, sewn by me. Everyone who is a Follower is eligible. You don't even need to leave a comment to enter. You WILL however need to be paying attention to my blog - as the winner will be posted here and it will be their responsibility to contact me to claim their prize. (Seeing as most people keep their profile private!)

So, what IS a wetbag? It is simply a bag that you can stick wet stuff in to get it home without it getting all your other junk wet and icky too. It is most commonly used to carry soiled cloth diapers in, but it works great for for wet swimwear, stinky gym clothes, mama cloth, or any number of other things. Smaller ones make great cosmetic bags. I have a small one that I keep prepackaged snacks in for the girls. 

The winner will be able to choose their size: The small one is about 5" x 7"and the larger one is 12" x 14". Each will have a zip closure and a snapping tab, so you can hang it on stuff if you need to. 

The winner will also get to choose their own fabric. Here is a slideshow of the available fabrics. You can click through to the actual album to see the swatches in a larger format, if you'd like to.

We are very close. As of this posting, I only need 16 more followers before I pick a winner! So, if you read, but don't follow - now is the time to click on "Follow" with Google Friend Connect. It's right in the sidebar over there. And if you know someone who might enjoy this blog, or even just this giveaway, send them on over! 



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