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Montana Mei Tai©

I'm promoting my own blog - The Maxwell's Craft Room. I haven't been very active on my craft blog, but my most recent post is pertinent to both blogs, so I'm posting about it here too! 

You may have noticed that there are several babywearing links in my sidebar. I am actually an avid babywearer, even though I don't actually post about it very often. In my quest to have a wider variety of carriers, I ventured into making my own Mei Tai baby carrier: The Montana Mei Tai© - a Scandi Style Baby Carrier.

I started the project back in January: drafting the pattern, ordering fabrics, and getting everything pieced out and ready to sew. It got put on the back burner for a while, but I finished the majority of the sewing in April and was able to wear the carrier while the weather was still cool. (This is definitely a cool weather carrier - it is heavy weight with 2 inner pieces of heavy weight twill and it is lined with a thick minky material). All it really needed was snaps on the hood straps and some tabs on the shoulder straps to attach the hood straps to. Well, I finished it today and I'm totally chuffed about it! 

So, if you are interested in the process and other crafty junk, head over to The Maxwell's Craft Room and have a look around. Or if you'd rather just see the finished product:

The Montana Mei Tai©

Rowan is 20 pounds and 14 months old.
She is in a Ruck style back carry with a Tibetan Tie

For more information about babywearing, check out some of the links in my sidebar. For more photos and info about this carrier, head over to The Maxwell's Craft Room and check it out!

Happy Babywearing!



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