Free Your Mind Fridays: Indian Summer

Indian Summer

  1. Our weather has officially stated that summer is over and Indian Summer has begun. It's been rainy and cool for a few days and now sunny and cool. This is my favorite time of the year. Big blue skies, sunshine, and 66ºF. Perfect! (See - FYMF is not always about complaining!)
  2. Alexis at The Well Read Mom usually hosts this, but she is on vacation! So if you want to link up, leave a comment here and I'll add your link to my post this week!
  3. I am SO jealous that Alexis is going on vacation! I hope she gets to sleep 14 hours a day and do tons of great fun kid free activities. 
  4. Baby Sleep: I think it's a myth. LOL. Really, Rowan has only been taking one good nap a day for about a week. Yesterday she just would NOT go down for a nap in the afternoon. But then she went to sleep right at 7pm after her bath and slept until 8am this morning. Well, not straight through. But at least she wasn't up playing and ransacking the place until 10pm like usual. 
  5. Toddler Sleep: When you unplug their reading light, they sleep better. Because it's dark in their room. And they aren't up until 4am trying to sleep with the light on.
  6. Wordless Wednesday was supposed to be the big reveal of my super secret sewing project. I finished the project, but didn't take photos in time to post. So, check the end of THIS post to see what I made. And if you want one, leave a comment and I'll see what I can do to get that process started. I'm thinking $8 each. 
  7. I just took a hiatus from writing this post to feed my kids lunch. During which time I got one of those odd urges: I took down the drapes in front of the sliding doors and tossed them in the wash. There was more dust up there than I am partial to, so I got the Swiffer out and dusted the rod. Which led to dusting the ceiling, all of the corners, door sills, cupboard doors, and then the ceiling fan. Then I needed to sweep. And now I can see all the dog slime on the glass door - and we can't have that, now, can we! Ugh! Freaking drapes. 
  8. I think all of that was a subconscious effort to avoid the massive pile of dishes in my sink. 
  9. Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts! 
  10. Perhaps while the kids are napping (yeah, right!) I can get around to finishing a sewing project. All of the torturous cutting out is done and I have 2 fleece soakers and 4 diapers just waiting to be sewed. 
  11. Now, where's my cape?
If you need to free your mind, feel free to join us! Just leave a comment with a link to your post and I'll add you to the list! And hopefully next week, Lexi will be back from vacation and hosting this on her own blog!
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